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Lights, camera, science… The RiAus Film Society is dedicated to screening films with science- and culture-based themes. Our selections span science genres from the classic to the modern, and include features and documentaries, sci-fi and sci-fact, and explorations of utopian or dystopian futures.

Become a member of the RiAus Film Club and enjoy a drink at the bar while viewing and discussing films in the comfort of the Science Exchange’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Cost: Your $10 membership fee admits you to three consecutive screenings. RiAus membership includes membership of the Film Club.

The RiAus Film Club  is a members-only film group and does not sell single-session tickets to the public. Annual memberships or a three-film ticket can be purchased at the box office prior to any screening. Admission is 18+ except where classification is otherwise indicated.

As part of the RiAus Film Club, you can help to decide what films are shown. Using the audience voting systems at the Science Exchange, our members vote on a shortlist of films to be screened in the next season.

If you have any suggestions for themes or films, or would like more information on the Film Club, email [email protected] or check out 200px-Eternal_sunshine_of_the_spotless_mind_ver3

Coming Up…..

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Thursday August 26

August’s film avoids the obvious choices and provides a perfect opportunity for guest host, cognitive scientist Dr Jon Opie, to ruminate in his introduction on concepts of the mind, self and consciousness.

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