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Rigoni’s site taken over by Nido’s powerhouse duo Max and Laura Sharrad

A stellar partnership has been announced with hospitality juggernaut, Simon Kardachi and Max and Laura Sharrad, co-owners of Nido, who will be opening Fugazzi Bar & Dining Room.


Image courtesy of Nido

The Leigh Street reboot is in full effect with what was one of Adelaide’s hospitality institutions finally seeing a redemptive takeover.

Rigoni’s Bistro was Leigh Street’s dining staple for over 60 years which made its closure last June particularly devastating.

A pretty stellar partnership has been announced to be moving into the space, most notably hospitality juggernaut, Simon Kardachi (Shobosho, Osteria Oggi, ShoSho), joined by Max and Laura Sharrad (co-owners of Nido), who will be opening Fugazzi Bar & Dining Room.

The venue, while in its early stages, will be brought to life by the all-star team at studio-gram, who have designed a levy of Adelaide’s architecturally esteemed venues.

Max and Laura have been on a successful run, with Laura having recently come off an impressive run on Masterchef’s all star season, and Nido cementing itself as a King William Road favourite.

“My experience on Masterchef this year made me realise that I wanted to own another business – I want to venture out and do even more,” Laura says.

“I like the direction of this new project, because Nido is all about what Max and I grew up eating, and I like to think this new one will be a bit more of a flex, somewhere you can dress up and make an occasion of it.”

“It’ll be a bit more modern, a bit more sophisticated. Influenced but not bound by tradition.”

Rounding out the carefully considered cohort is winemaker Justin Lane.

“Justin is a true gentleman. He knows his stuff, and he can convey it in a way that doesn’t make people feel stupid. This venue will be bringing back some old-school hospitality grandeur and I feel like Justin is the right person to lead it,” Simon says.

Several restaurants under the Kardachi arm have collaborated with Justin on their wine offerings.

Fugazzi’s development is in its early stages with all parties having only met on site together this week, but with the powerhouses involved, we’re expecting a major success.

Fugazzi Bar & Dining Room is slated for opening in early 2021.

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