Riot Wine Co To Launch New Urban Cellar Door—The Cannery

And there’s an awesome launch party you’re invited to!

Feature photo credit: Dan @ Trim Photography.

Riot Wine Co are leaders in contemporary sustainable winemaking.

As the first Australian company to store 100% of their wine in reusable stainless steel kegs, they also package their wine in infinitely recyclable aluminium cans.

Now Riot Wine Co have launched a brand new urban cellar door called The Cannery, which will showcase their signature wine making style through the unique process of canning and kegging wines.

Wine tastings will be available as well as a bar to sit and experience all the wines on your own time.

“We buy grapes from independent growers and don’t own any vineyards, so we have the flexibility to be located wherever we like,” says co-founder, Joe cook. “At The Cannery, the canning line will be on display for all to see all while tasting our wines from the container bar.”

Photo credit: Dan @ Trim Photography.

The Cannery will showcase Riot Wine Co’s strong ethos on conscious consumption, sustainability and their dedication to reshaping the Australian wine industry.

Co-founder and Riot Wine Co winemaker, Tommy O’Donnell, says, “Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. By storing our wine in stainless steel kegs, we are able to save 66 bottles from landfill. These kegs can be reused for 30 years, saving 23,000 bottles from entering landfill. As for the cans, they are infinitely recyclable, and reduce consumer waste

The Cannery will launch in line with Adelaide Beer and BBQ Festival Weekend from Thursday 11 July.

In line with the launch, Riot Wine Co are also releasing four brand new varieties – 2019 Rose, 2018 Chardonnay, 2019 Riesling, and the 2019 Pinot Grigio.

Throughout the festival, Riot Wine Co will collaborate with fellow Adelaide locals including Pirate Life Brewery. Sitting at 7.1% ABV, the collaboration will debut at the Cannery during the Beer and BBQ Festival Weekend.

Want to celebrate the launch of the new cellar door? Riot Wine Co are hosting a launch party this Thursday, from 6pm, featuring their new four vintage wines, live music, and food by PizzaTeca!

You’ll also be able to get your hands on some fancy merch:

Photo credit: Dan @ Trim Photography.

The Cannery is located at 59 Torrens Road, Brompton and will be open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm starting Thursday 11 July.

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