Riverland winemakers to uncork new opportunities at Vinexpo Asia

Riverland Wine is poised to make a splash at Vinexpo Asia 2024 in Hong Kong, exploring new export markets and showcasing a diverse range of wines.

A number of Riverland winemakers are set to showcase their vintages at the prestigious Vinexpo Asia in Hong Kong this week as producers look to to expand their footprint in international markets, particularly following the reopening of trade routes with China.

Representing the Riverland at Vinexpo are noted regional producers including Australian Vintors, Dominic Wines, Growers Gate, Mallee Estate, Oxford Landing, Riot Wine Co, Starrs Reach, and Unico Zelo.

This venture is organised through the Riverland Wine Export Development Program, a component of the South Australian Wine Industry Development Scheme managed by the South Australian Wine Industry Association.

“The program seeks to establish the Riverland region as a leader in producing premium to commercial, proudly Riverland GI wines,” Lyndall Rowe, Riverland Wine Executive Officer said.

The itinerary includes tailored workshops, expert-led masterclasses, and networking sessions essential for fostering long-term business relationships and expanding export connections, allowing then to engage directly with international buyers.

This initiative has received backing from both state and federal levels, with contributions from the South Australian Government’s Department of Primary Industries and Regions and the Australian Trade and Investment Commission.

Riverland Wine acts as the proponent of over 930 South Australian Riverland wine grape growers and more than 30 wineries, facilitated by the partnership between the Riverland Wine Industry Development Council and the Riverland Winegrape Growers Association.

Riverland Wine will also launch a new marketing campaign during the expo, titled “The Riverland Runs Free,” which focuses on the resilience and non-conventional approach of their growers and producers. This campaign will highlight the unique qualities and pride associated with the Riverland geographical indication.

The participation in Vinexpo Asia is timely, as demonstrated by the Wine Australia 2023 National Vintage Report. The report positions Riverland as the predominant Australian wine producing area, accounting for 34% of the nation’s annual wine output and 63% of South Australia’s production.

“The Riverland wine industry will be sharing our strengths while at Vinexpo, highlighting our quality at every price as well as the diversity of our plantings and our adoption of advanced technology,” Lyndall added.

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