First look at Rodney Fox Shark Museum, opening soon in Mile End

The museum and learning centre is still a few months off, with hopes to open the exciting exhibitions at limited times by the end of the year.

Header image: Andrew Fox, Rodney Fox Great White Shark Expeditions.

Shark lovers mourned Glenelg’s Rodney Fox Shark Museum when it closed down, because they thought it was el fin for the iconic concept in Adelaide. But fortunately for oceanophiles and shark fanatics, the shark museum is moving to Mile End, and it sounds fin-credible. (Ok, enough puns!)

Mile End’s rendition of the Rodney Fox Shark Museum and Learning Centre is still a few months off, with hopes to open the exhibitions at limited times by the end of the year.

“Much of my dad’s collection is touring the world, but we decided that we needed to have a location in Adelaide to be the heart and soul of what we’re about,” Andrew Fox, Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions’ managing director and half-owner of the upcoming museum, says.

Fox and co-owner Mark Tozer are working on compiling the exhibitions and writing interpretations, but the casings are already filling with shark paraphernalia. 

The museum, housed in a former church, has begun filling the cases. However, in addition to general appreciation for great white sharks, the new space seeks to educate its guests and evoke a sense of environmental consciousness. 

“We want to teach everyone about conservation in the ocean, preservation of the species, overfishing, ocean acidification, why shark finning is bad, and pollution,” Fox says. 

“Our ethos and mission statement of our expeditions has always been to overcome fear through education.”

To achieve this, Mile End’s Rodney Fox Shark Museum and Learning Centre will host researchers, educators, government marine park employees, reporters who have covered shark attacks, and more to share their stories and further the appreciation for great white sharks. 

The Fox family, which has been operating their shark-oriented company for nearly 60 years, is focusing on expeditions while they chip away at the museum, but keep an eye out for the unveiling of the new education and exhibition centre, set to open by the end of this year.

Keep up to date on their company website here.

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