Roger Ward to Release Novel, ‘The Set’

Roger Ward, an icon of Australian film and television from his roles in Mad Max, Man From Hong Kong, Bad Behavior, Homicide and Division 4, has decided that it was time to publish ‘The Set’ – the novel in which the cult Australian film of the same name was based. The film was one of the most controversial and highest-grossing Australian films of the 1970s with its look at rebellion and sexual experimentation during the swinging ’60s.

Set in Adelaide in the 1960s, ‘The Set’ is a sociological novel that covers the lifestyle of those living in that particular era and their attitudes to family life, relationships, sexual promiscuity, the arts and the advent of television, all with a strong thread of the Australian Life Saving movement.

Roger states that he is “happy to finally release the book as it covers far more areas than the film allowed.”

‘The Set’, published by Janus Publishing, is to be released Australia-wide on Friday, May the 20th with Roger Ward beginning the publicity campaign in Adelaide.

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