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Ross Daniels is The Transposed Man – Fringe

TheTransposed Man Fringe 2010The Stables, 28 Vardon Avenue, rear of the Stag Hotel corner Rundle Street and East Terrace
Reviewed Saturday March 13th 2010

Presented by Ross Daniels and Accidental Productions or 1300 FRINGE (374 643)

Ross Daniels enters in character as Swampy, an aging down-and-out, begging for a few dollars. He introduces Ross Daniels who then explains that he is suffering from a most unusual form of multiple personality disorder. From there on it is a fast paced and hilarious hour as he plays a string of diverse characters, from pirates and ninjas to voice over artists and much more. Along the way he involves a few members of the audience and takes into account any and every little thing that might happen, like the noise of the fireworks from the nearby parklands to the crashing of empty bottles being dumped into a bin at the rear of the adjoining hotel.

His ability to change his voice, face and demeanour in the bat of an eyelid is remarkable, especially considering how incredibly different his many characters are from one another. He also manages to be incredibly funny without needing to constantly resort to crudity, something many lesser comedians would be wise to learn. This was definitely worth seeing. Watch for a return visit.

Reviewed by Barry Lenny, Glam Adelaide Arts Editor.

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