Royal Croquet Crew Announce Newest Venue Coming This July – Alpine Winter Village

Alpine Winter Village is Winter’s answer to the Mad-March festival season, complete with ice rink, apres ski lodge and an Australian take on traditional European Christmas markets.

Remember last year when an ice skating rink was set up on the Torrens riverbank as part of a winter wonderland pop up? It was a fantastic concept, but it wasn’t the stuff we’ll be telling stories about to our grandkids. Enter from Stage Right, the crew who knock Adelaide events out of the park – The Royal Croquet guys – who are also the brainchild behind Crabshack, Little Miss Mexico/Miami and more.

Well in some sort of pairing that’s as natural as gin & tonic (we’re still feeling inspired after World Gin Day), an epic version of the Winter Wonderland concept is once again coming to the Torrens riverbank shores, but this time in the form of Alpine Winter Village thanks to the Little Miss Group.

From July 7th to 31st, Alpine Winter Village will help us to move past our Royal Croquet withdrawals, and get out and about in Adelaide’s brisk winter.

It’s Winter’s answer to the Mad-March festival season, a creative wintery wonderland that will be an exciting escape for the young & the young at heart…A culturally themed winter hub of entertainment, food, music, activity & excitement.

Think Christmas in July in a truly unique setting along the Riverbank of the Torrens, complete with ice rink, apres ski lodge and an Australian take on traditional European Christmas markets…

With tipis, hot toddies and open fires to keep us toasty, this promises to be a turning point for the Riverbank. And a welcome one at that too. There’s been so much activity to upgrade the precinct with the State Government firmly putting their money where their mouth is to invest in events such as this and the Adelaide Riverbank Authority are starting to work towards turning the district into a year-round CBD destination. There are an estimated 89,000 people who work in the Riverbank area, so it’s not like this is a small part of town or an area without any picturesque scenery. This is a prime location. And Renewal SA and The RCC crew certainly know how to highlight it with this idea.

Adelaide no longer hibernates during Winter thanks to Alpine Winter Village… Get excited.

Here’s some of the teasers being released by the Alpine Winter Village guys…. Looks good to us!


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