Royal Family Recruitment: Apply Now!

It’s for the Credit Union Christmas Pageant guys, which is way better than that TV show where you could date fake Prince Harry…

For the first time in 20 years, perhaps even in the history of the event, every day South Australians can apply to be considered as a member of the 2016 Credit Union Christmas Pageant Royal Family – the role of Pageant Queen and Pageant King is open to the masses and up for grabs.

This honour, steeped in tradition, is open for applications and all you have to do is tell the Pageant why becoming Pageant Queen or Pageant King is a dream come true and what it would mean to be crowned Pageant royalty!

Creative Director, Brian Gilbertson said that anyone who has grown up in South Australia, knows the Credit Union Christmas Pageant is a time honoured tradition and the chance to be part of the Royal Family is a once in a lifetime opportunity. “We would be hard pressed to find many who have not always dreamed of being part of the Credit Union Christmas Pageant.

“We encourage you to share your Pageant story and apply – this is your chance to be part of one of the world’s greatest parades in your home town, spreading happiness and magic as your royal waves will be welcomed live and broadcast around Australia,” said Gilbertson.

Plans are on track to deliver another fabulous Credit Union Christmas Pageant this year with the elves at Stardust Castle currently putting the finishing touches on the multitude of floats, both new and old.
Each November, people of all ages gather on Adelaide’s streets to witness the Credit Union Christmas Pageant. More than 330,000 people line the 3.3 kilometre route and await the ultimate arrival of Father Christmas.

Visit www.cupageant.com.au for all of the details in relation to how to apply and be considered for a royal role in the parade.

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