Ruby Red Flamingo & Coccobello crew open Spaghetti Island on Gouger

Gouger Street’s Spaghetti Island leans into the pedigree of restaurant siblings Ruby Red Flamingo, L’Italy, and Spaghetti Crab.

Spaghetti Island has made its debut, opening on Gouger Street to serve pasta galore.

The restaurant is helmed by Lauro Siliquini and Enzo Verdino, the duo behind popular haunts Ruby Red Flamingo, Coccobello, Tony Tomatoes, L’Italy, and Spaghetti Crab.

Lauro and Enzo Verdino’s family of restaurants are inspired by traditional home cooking and a childhood filled with food, wine, and family.

Spaghetti Island leans into the pedigree of its restaurant siblings, and the menu is based on the favourite meals of customers at the duo’s restaurants, comprising fifty years of solid industry experience.

Twelve pastas are available, including (of course) Spaghetti Crab (locally fished, fresh blue swimmer crab with cherry tomatoes), Beach Honey (prawns, honey, capsicum, broccoli), The Cheese Market (parmigiano, gorgonzola, baby spinach, pine nuts), Spice Tour (mushrooms, olives, fried capers, oregano, chilli), and Basil Bay (basil pesto, green beans, potato). All pasta dishes are made fresh, and gluten free and carb free spaghetti is on offer.

The drinks list is holiday-esque, with Blood Orange Daiquiris (white rum, lime, blood orange) and Ginto (gin, elderflower, watermelon, lime, mint, soda) included as cocktails, and a curated selection of beer and wine.

Spaghetti Island sits next to the award-winning Mexican Society on Gouger Street, and is designed for both dine-in and delivery, making it an ideal post-work feed.

Spaghetti Island can be found at 138 Gouger Street.

Find out more here: https://spaghettiisland.com.au/

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