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Rundle Mall Have Planned A Super Green Outing For You

Proving that ‘Green is the new black’, Rundle Mall is inspiring us to start our day conscious and see what we can do to be greener.


Conscious living in today’s society is important – in fact, it’s necessary.

Don’t get us wrong, we understand that lots of us try our best to live green; it’s just that sometimes we can fall a little short.  

Proving that ‘Green is the new black’, Rundle Mall is inspiring us to start our day conscious and see what we can do to be greener.

In fact, they have planned our next journey to the Mall from start to end, just to prove how easy – and simple – it is to be green.

Step One: Park and ride, or simply ride from home

Our city is hugged by beautiful green parklands which means a beautifully energising journey to Rundle Mall on foot or wheels.

“Enjoy the beautiful and tranquil parklands we’re so lucky to have, no matter which way you’re entering from,” they say.

As for stowing your bike. Myer Centre Adelaide allows you to secure your spot and safely store your bike for just $15 per month. Alternatively, if it’s just for the day, use the bike racks located throughout the Rundle Mall precinct, just bring your bike cable or pick one up from Rebel Sport.   

Step Two: BYOB

Have you heard of BYOB? We know what you’re thinking, but the second ‘B’ isn’t for beer, it’s so much better… a bag!

It’s good to pack your own bag but if you forget, your first stop is to buy a chic, reusable carry bag. Myer Centre Adelaide, Adelaide Central Plaza, Rundle Place and City Cross are bound to have the goods.

TIP: The best kind are those you can pack down small for your handbag so they’re always within easy reach!

Find out other products to be a green shopper in Rundle Mall.

Step Three: Hit the Arcades

We all know there are those pieces hanging in our wardrobe we never wear, or worse, are thrown out simply because of a broken zip, ugly buttons or wrong hemline.

Rundle Mall recommend stopping past the arcades, where some of the finest craftsmanship is still conducted. From tailors and cobblers, to the iconic button shop, you’d be surprised at the small cost to fix what you thought was ready for the bin. A new sole for your shoes is just $30, not to mention a polish to boot!

Head to Regent Arcade or Adelaide Arcade to see what they can do for you.

Step Four: Grab a coffee with your reusable coffee cup

Most of the cafes in Rundle Mall love to see people bring in a reusable coffee cup. In fact we’ve heard on the grapevine that Just Bliss in Gawler Place go a step further and give you a free choccie if you bring it in.

The Mall has many shops that stock fabulous reusable coffee cups as well if you need to purchase your own first.

Find out other coffee spots that accepts and give discount for your reusable cup in Rundle Mall.

Step Five: Embrace Vintage

New is fab, but vintage is unique! Stand out and save the environment by buying what’s already been loved, by making preloved, loved again.

Make a statement when you pick out a golden oldie or 90s fave from Adelaide Vintage in Myer Centre Adelaide, visit McCabe Jewellers, the estate jeweller in Gawler Place or visit Charlie’s Marketplace, a new store opening on the 20th of July in Regent Arcade.

Step Six: Recycle

Nothing looks as good as feeling good. Did you know you can drop your soft plastics off to Coles in Rundle Place, your used pods to Nespresso and your beauty empties at L’Occitane?

And by simply stopping your rubbish turning into landfill, Rundle Mall stores will reward you with a few treats for your efforts!

Find out about all the other recycling programs in Rundle Mall, it’s time for you to give back and get back!

Step Seven: Mindful Beauty

Worried about all the nasty products that could be harming your skin – or the nasty chemicals that are harming our environment?

Pick up the Face Halo from Priceline Gawler Place, swap 500 wipes for just one Beauty Halo, or grab your Alcome.Co natural deodorant from Have You Met Charlie? They’re free from toxic heavy metals and other harmful chemicals.

Find out more about Mindful Beauty products from Rundle Mall to change your routine.

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