Russell Crowe’s Life-Changing Donation To Quentin Kenihan

A small act of kindness goes a long way. Quentin Kenihan received a generous life changing gift from good friend, Russell Crowe.

A small act of kindness goes a long way. Quentin Kenihan, a content creator, actor, and disability advocate, living with lung failure six weeks ago was extremely unwell.

Due to this, he decided to run a GoFundMe in order to afford a new oxygen concentrator. He asked his good friend Russell Crowe if he’d be able to share the GoFundMe details on his Twitter page.

However, Russell replied, “mate, you don’t need a GoFundMe” and told Quentin he’d buy him one himself.

Initially, Russell wanted to remain anonymous in this story, but it’s a positive and uplifting story that he thought should be shared and will give people hope.

It was ordered last week and arrived today for Quentin. Quentin said the new oxygen concentrator will, “give me a new lease on life”.

“I’ll have more independence than I’ve had in a long time.”


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