Rustic candle shop Wild Amber opens in Angaston

With unique scents and a rustic aesthetic, new candle and gift shop Wild Amber might be your new home goods go-to.

We’re going wild for Wild Amber.

With unique scents and a rustic aesthetic, new candle and gift shop Wild Amber might be your new home goods go-to. 

Shop owner Ellie Beaumont makes a candle range with eight core scents, including best seller coffee, vanilla creme, cucumber and ginger, and bamboo musk. She also does frequent seasonal specials, such as orange and chili, and rose and musk. 

Beaumont also sells handmade bath bombs, scrunchies made of recycled materials, bath salts, and diffusers. She also sells Himalayan salt lamps from an Australian business.

The owner intends to create unique scents for Wild Amber.

“I make all my scents earthy and grounding,” she says. 

“I want them to be a little different than what you’d find in other shops.” 

In addition to quality and distinctive products, Wild Amber focuses on making everything environmentally friendly. All of the packaging is environmentally friendly, and customers can bring back their candle jars for a refill and get $5 off their next candle. If the jar isn’t usable, Beaumont will grow a succulent in it. 

The physical space exemplifies her environment-focused vision, adorned with dried flowers in hanging jam jars, branches plucked from the side of the road, and refurbished furniture. 

“I want to show that in this world of mass production, we can still have luxury items without harming the environment,” Beaumont says. 

“If we put time into it, we can all have beautiful things right from nature.” 

Beaumont started her first company at the beginning of 2020 out of love for the craft.

“I suffered from depression and anxiety for a long time, and being creative and crafty takes my mind off of it,” she says.

“I enjoyed candle making so much that I was waking up at 3am just to see how they set and making so many I had to give them away, so I decided to start my own business.”

The first-time business owner, who is originally from England, chose Adelaide to start her company because her partner Nick is from South Australia. 

“The area is all about community. It’s nice to have a shop with a close-knit feel and to be close to family.”

Visit Wild Amber here.

Find Wild Amber at 27-29 Valley Road, Angaston. 

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