Ryderwear Launch New Activewear You'd 100% Sport To The Gym & Brunch

Ryderwear Launch New Activewear You’d 100% Sport To The Gym & Brunch

Two game-changing collections from Ryderwear already have us signing back up for the gym.


With summer fast approaching it’s about that time of the year where we start looking for the motivation to put down the Doritos and get our butts back into the gym. Enter Ryderwear: your answer to feeling good, and looking even better while you do it. I mean, hey, if it’s going to make us look anything like Dasha Gaivoronski and Belle Lucia, we want it.

Ryderwear’s highly anticipated re-brand kicked off with the launch of two new revolutionary collections; introducing ‘Nineties’ and ‘Essentials.’ The new look and feel comes as Ryderwear ventures into the wider fitness apparel industry to appeal to avid fitness enthusiasts and gym goers.

Since its inception in 2009, Ryderwear was designed purely for the niche market of bodybuilders. After receiving great success in this industry, CEO of Ryderwear, David Lukic, says delving further into the activewear industry was the natural progression for the business.

“The upcoming collections are game-changers for Ryderwear and will certainly appeal to a wider customer demographic. My vision is to establish Ryderwear as a household name and globally dominate the fitness apparel industry.

“We are remaining true to our roots by designing workout wear that assists traditional weight lifting movements, whilst supporting a broader range of activities including HIIT, cardio, yoga and more. Whether it’s strength training, bodybuilding, cardiovascular activity, flexibility or recovery, Ryderwear has you covered,” Lukic says.

In 2016, Lukic hired a qualified fashion designer along with an entire new creative team to support his vision and transition through the rebrand.

Ryderwear Head Designer, Jessica Salvi, says the new collections will appeal to the likes of many, including fitness fanatics and the fashion conscious, whilst upholding their sole purpose of supporting people through daily workouts inside and outside the gym.

“For the ‘Nineties’ collection, I wanted to bring back original styles that were popular in that era. With California beaches as the theme, we’ve used a combination of striking colours including red, navy and white to represent this.

“Boasting Ryderwear’s new signature look and feel, ‘Essentials’ was designed to be a staple range. Courtesy of the flattering colour palate, black, white and grey, these minimalist pieces will never go out of style,” says Salvi.

Over 120 new styles that will be available for purchase post-event from https://www.ryderwear.com.au.

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