SA bakery wins Australia’s best sausage roll for a second year

Belair’s Banana Boogie Bakery has been crowned Australia’s best sausage roll for the second year in a row.

Belair’s Banana Boogie Bakery has been crowned Australia’s best sausage roll for the second year in a row at the Baking Association of Australia’s (BAA) South Australian Baking Show.

This year’s contest, held at the Marion Hotel, saw bakery owner Jason Spencer and his team add a slight twist to their OG sausage roll recipe, in hopes for another first-place finish. Luckily, their gamble paid off, securing them the victory once more.

“Two years in a row was pretty special, it cements the fact we do make a good roll and that we didn’t fluke it the first year,” Banana Boogie Bakery Owner Jason says.

“Hopefully, we can go back next year for the three-peat.”

Image via Banana Boogie Bakery.

Alongside being named Australia’s Best Sausage Roll, Banana Boogie’s vanilla slice, chocolate donut, steak pies and light rye bread also clinched first place awards in their respective categories. Clearly, they’re not just limited to epic sausage rolls.

Banana Boogie has consistently won awards across the country for a variety of bakery classics. Their achievements include winning the best hot cross bun at both the South Australian and Victorian baking shows, claiming the top spot for best plain mince pie at Australia’s Best Pie and Pastie competition in Sydney, and securing third place at the prestigious Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph in Victoria.

“We pride ourselves in our pastry, it’s amazing. We try and get the perfect pastry every day,” Jason says.

“We’ve got a secret ingredient that came from a mistake we made a few years ago, but of course, I can’t share that. But I think what sets us apart is our dedication to the craft.”

Image via Banana Boogie Bakery

With such a winning streak, make sure to visit Banana Boogie Bakery Monday through Friday from 7am to 3pm and Saturday from 7am to 2pm before the best baked goods in SA disappear.

“We’re going to keep rolling the way we are and expanding the business. We’ll keep competing and hope to keep getting better and better,” Jason says.

Banana Boogie Bakery
Where: Shop 4 – 10 Main RD, Belair, South Australia
When: Mon-Fri 7am to 3pm, Saturday 7am to 2pm
Instagram: @banana_boogie
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