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SA-born Vietnamese street food eatery Bami expands to Henley Beach

Vietnamese street food eatery Bami is opening a new store in Henley Beach with a a fresh and innovative dining concept.

In Henley Beach across from the well-known square, SA-born Vietnamese street food eatery Bami, is opening a brand-new venue.

With its roots firmly planted in Adelaide, but eyes set on expansion, Bami CEO Trien Le shares insights into this exciting new chapter for their new stores.

“Our goal is to infuse even more vibrancy into Henley’s already dynamic culinary scene, offering a wide range of fresh and green Vietnamese street food to the local community,” Trien says.

“We provide the best Vietnamese street food. Anything famous you can think of you can find at Bami: Pho, bánh mì, and much more,” Trien explains. “Now with 13 stores across Adelaide we’re expanding quickly, so that’s why we’ve decided to also penetrate the Melbourne market with two new stores there as well.”

Founded in 2016 by childhood friends and life partners Trien Le and Mai Nong, along with Khanh Tran, Bami has been a pioneer in bringing the Vietnamese cuisine to Australian tables. With a focus on fresh, healthy ingredients and a passion for sharing their cultural heritage, the team has crafted a menu that celebrates the flavours of Vietnam.

“We focus on great healthy food, and we try to add a lot of components into each and every dish served,” Trien says.

The expansion to Henley Beach marks a significant milestone for Bami, as it introduces a concept that marries Vietnamese street food with a beachside dining experience. Trien explains, “It’s the very first restaurant that we’ve opened in a beach area. It’s right opposite Henley Square, so it’s a perfect location for us.”

Bami’s new venue in Henley Beach offers a departure from its traditional takeaway model.

“The initial restaurant design takeaway focussed, but our new venues will have a higher-end feel. We’ve completely revamped our design,” Trien shares.

The new venue boasts around 100 square meters of space, providing a proper restaurant setting which Trien describes as a relaxed, bistro-like atmosphere.

“In Adelaide, we are the best! We have the market, and the highest number of Vietnamese restaurants in Adelaide.”

As Bami continues to grow its footprint, its founders remain dedicated to their mission of promoting healthy eating and sharing the flavours of Vietnam with the world, with plans to open more venues both locally and interstate. There’s another Adelaide store set for Brickworks Marketplace in Torrensville.

“Adelaide’s market has the highest consumption rate of Vietnamese food, especially bánh mì – much more than Melbourne and Sydney,” he says.

Where: Henley Beach (between Coco Cacao and Iloveyochi)
More info: Click here

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