SA brand awarded best Haloumi in Australia

South Australia’s La Casa Del Formaggio’s Haloumi has won Champion Cheese at the 2024 Australian Grand Dairy Awards.

Image: La Casa Del Formaggio at the 2024 Australian Grand Dairy Awards

South Australia’s La Casa Del Formaggio’s Haloumi has clinched the prestigious title of Champion Cheese at the esteemed 2024 Australian Grand Dairy Awards. They took out best Champion Fresh Unripened Cheese, while another company from New South Wales Riverina Dairy Co. took out Champion Flavoured Cheese for their Riverina Dairy Basil Infused Haloumi.

The win not only celebrates the exceptional quality of La Casa Del Formaggio’s Haloumi but also shines a spotlight on the dedication and craftsmanship of the South Australian-owned family business.

“We are thrilled for our South Australian owned family business to be recognisd by such a prestigious Australian award,” expressed La Casa Del Formaggio. “La Casa Del Formaggio Haloumi has always been a local SA favourite… so it is incredibly humbling to be recognised on the national stage.”

Crafted with traditional methods and recipes passed down over generations, La Casa Del Formaggio’s Haloumi stands out for its perfect balance of saltiness and ‘squeak,’ using the freshest local milk sourced from dairy farmers in South Australia’s finest dairy regions. This attention to detail and commitment to quality have been the hallmarks of La Casa Del Formaggio’s cheese-making process, setting them apart in the competitive dairy market.

“A favourite amongst our team is Haloumi & Prosciutto Bites,” shared La Casa Del Formaggio. “Wrap a slice of Haloumi with a slice of Prosciutto, brush with extra virgin olive oil & add a sprig of Rosemary. Pan fry until golden and serve with lemon wedges as an entrée, appetizer, or a light snack. And of course, a Haloumi & Homemade Pesto Toastie on Sourdough bread is always a winner!”

With over 35 years of experience in crafting fresh cheeses, La Casa Del Formaggio has become synonymous with premium quality Italian-style fresh cheese across Australia. Their Haloumi, now recognised as the best in the country, reflects the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence and tradition.

“La Casa Del Formaggio Haloumi is available at local independent supermarkets across South Australia and is also sold in Coles,” highlighted the company.

Their tip for cooking Haloumi is not to slice too thin, around half a centimetre thickness is perfect, cook over a medium heat until golden and add a squeeze of lemon after cooking to perfectly compliment the flavour of the cheese.

If you need some inspiration, there’s a whole heap of tried-and-tested recipes on La Casa Del Formaggio’s website to make the most of their delicious cheese.

For more information about La Casa Del Formaggio head here, or about the Australian Grand Dairy Awards 2024 head here.

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