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SA Brewery Launches New Craft Beer

Craft beer connoisseurs rejoice! There’s a new craft beer on the SA market promising you an ale for every occasion.

Calling all craft beer lovers! South Australian owned and operated VOK Beverages is pleased to announce the launch of a new player to the craft beer market, Hobo Brewing.

The unique range comprising of four varieties; a Pale Ale, Mid Strength-India Pale Ale, Session Ale and an American Pale Ale, have all been developed and brewed in a state-of-the-art microbrewery in Salisbury, South Australia.

The name Hobo Brewing means a self-determined, wandering spirit, citizen of the world and was created by gathering knowledge and experience from all over the country and beyond – much like the stories from hobos of years gone by, according to Master Brewer Marcello Marchetti.

Offering an ale for every occasion, be it a spice-led wheat beer, perfect for an Australian summer, through to a hop heavy, mid-strength IPA.

Marchetti comes with extensive international experience brewing brands including Heineken, Becks and Guinness. His inspiration for the recipes came from exploration from all corners of the globe.

Seeing an opening in the market for a range of craft beers that are relatable to the everyday man, Hobo is a man who moves through life with intent, drive and one who paves their own path – all the while with a craft beer in hand. Creating fresh, balanced and enjoyable beer is our number one priority.

With the overall philosophy of Hobo Brewing being based on a world awash with mediocrity, choosing the road less travelled, forgetting the origin and the destination, but always enjoying the ride, we think it’s perfect for summer.

The exciting new range will be available from selected venues and outlets from September 2017.

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