SA Car Club Slow Life Brings Car Meets To A New Level

SA Car Club Slow Life Brings Car Meets To A New Level

Check out the photos from the latest car meet organised by Adelaide based car group Slow Life.


Passion and hard work is the best recipe for success. On Saturday the 18th of March; an Adelaide-based automotive media and events team, known as ‘Slow Life’, proved that once again. What once started as a group of like-minded friends getting together to showcase and socialise about their mutual love for cars, has now turned into one of the largest and most successful automotive media and event organisations in South Australia.

Slow Life was founded in March 2014 by a group of friends; and later evolved into a business offering media and event solutions, led by Jack Miller and Byron Maloney. The SL team rapidly expanded in 2016; seeing the addition of numerous photographers, journalists, film specialists and promotional assistants.

Today Slow Life is responsible for some of Adelaide’s largest gatherings of automotive enthusiasts, and provides endless quantities of quality ‘car porn’ on their website and social media channels. The best thing about this content? It’s 100% local. Every media piece is of a South Australian car by a South Australian photographer. In 2017, Slow Life held its monthly event ‘HQ’ – IKEA Adelaide. The parking facilities at IKEA have proven to be a perfect spot for the monthly mega-meets, which deliver an incredible social experience, gorgeous display of various vehicles and a friendly atmosphere supporting local charities and businesses.

Every month, Slow Life is aiming to bring a theme to each of their events. In February it was a celebration of the iconic Nissan GT-R, and the most recent meet celebrated the rivalry of two Japanese performance legends – Subaru’s Impreza WRX and Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution. The Mitsubishi GSR / EVO Club of SA and WRX South Australia each were given the opportunity to showcase the finest examples from their club, and certainly didn’t disappoint. To accompany the display were two track/race cars – The S&J Automotive / Dan Day Racing ‘SJ1000’ WRX STI and the Couriers Please Evolution VIII. The general public rarely have a chance to see such cars up close, and many took the opportunity to grab a photo or two!

Driving into the car park and entering the event was an incredible experience in itself – you’re instantly surrounded by rows upon rows of unique and stunning cars.

The event started at 6:30pm, and by 7pm, the car park was pretty much full of legendary Japanese, European, American and domestic cars alike. Supercars were also present; with the likes of Lamborghini, Maserati and Lotus making an appearance. Motorcycles ranging from classic cafe racers to the latest super-bikes were parked in formation; showing a display of true diversity in Adelaide’s car scene. However, cars weren’t the only attraction of the night – also ranging in types and sizes, came dogs.

One minute I was walking around a stunning Lamborghini Huracán, and next I was playing with an 8 week old pug. What else would you rather do on a Saturday night!? In addition to providing a great social experience, Slow Life also assists in raising funds for the largest hunger relief organisation in South Australia – Foodbank SA, of whom in the in last year have provided more than 3 million meals for those suffering from hunger in SA!

All the photos from the event (plus more events and car porn) can be found on Slow Life’s website ( and social media channels. If a car has ever caught your eye, even for a brief moment, I highly recommend you check this local automotive icon out.

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