SA concept on show in Venice

Terra Australis

Project “Terra Form Australis” by an Adelaide team is set to be the only local representation in the Australian Pavillion of the Venice Architecture Biennale.

The project was developed by local architects Hassell, University of Adelaide professor of water economics Mike Young and gaming company Holopoint.

Timothy Horton, Senior Associate at Hassell stated that “The final product will be a stereoscopic perspective on the future of Australian urbanism. This will have the same technical look and feel as ‘Real D’ (Avitar, Up etc). Visitors to Venice will be given glasses as they wander through the Australian Pavilion”.

The finalists are also being shown on Monday 29th March at the Australian Davos Connection 2010 Cities Summit in Melbourne.

He explains that “This summit, and the Venice Architecture Biennale both reflect an increasing focus on the future of Australian cities in the face of the parallel challenges of finite resources, and rising population.

Our proposition is that Australia currently supports 50m people (through domestic production and export markets). As sea levels rise, productive land reduces and populations are threatened by climate change, Australia will reach out and embrace mass migration of surrounding populations.

Current limits to growth can only be alleviated by radical thinking and radical action. Massive terra forming in central Australia creates new centres for renewable energy production located at the site of new urban centres that sit on a new inland coastline.

Our new cities thread biodiversity through the built environment, creating improved quality of life and preserve threatened species. Old cities reconfigure as coastlines change and the population turns its focus on an active and vibrant new heart. The inland sea super-saturates the atmosphere; restoring rainfall to the traditional food bowl of Qld, NSW and Vic. Meeting the need for rising food production to support a new Australian population with a new cultural outlook.

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