Kangaroo Island

SA region named 2nd best travel destination in the world

South Australian destination, Kangaroo Island, wins second best region in the world on Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2024.

For those of us that need a holiday (ummm, everyone!), Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2024 has officially been released and is ready to inspire your next adventure. Filled with a treasure of destinations to satisfy your inner explorer, one of South Australia’s favourite getaway destinations, Kangaroo Island, is currently standing tall and proud after grabbing the number two spot on this year’s prestigious Top Regions list!

Showcasing 50 destinations worldwide that promise travellers a slice of paradise, culture, and unparalleled experiences, the Lonely Planet is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the return of its best-selling print format, and includes the Top 10 Countries, Cities, Regions, Best Value and Sustainable destinations within its pages.

Chris Zeiher, Lonely Planet’s Senior Director of Trade Sales and Marketing and an ex-South Australian himself, beams with pride as he talks about Kangaroo Island’s recognition as a top travel destination in the world.

‘Kangaroo Island provides such a quintessential Australian travel experience. It’s blessed with amazing beaches, offers delicious food, wine, and spirits experiences, and delivers on the drama when it comes to outdoor adventures. And then there’s the wildlife!’

‘It’s been much lauded of late, but 2024 is the year that Kangaroo Island will be set to capitalise on all of the accolades’, says Chris. ‘Best illustrated by the reopening of the prestigious Southern Ocean Lodge and the launch of a stunning new visitors’ centre at the entrance of Flinders Chase National Park.’

After overcoming the tragedy of the 2020 bushfires, Kangaroo Island is ready to introduce the world to its exceptional offerings in 2024. Boasting some of Australia’s most pristine beaches, Kangaroo Island is not just about the sand and the sea—the island is a melting pot of diverse local produce, awe-inspiring natural experiences, and a hotspot for native wildlife.

Nitya Chambers, SVP Content and Executive Editor, shared her insights on this year’s selection. “Our picks for this year seek to both inspire and follow the instincts of 2024’s traveller. Best in Travel is
Lonely Planet’s heart and soul travel inspiration offering, responding to the urgent enthusiasm of
travellers who want to explore the world in a way that is authentic, led by local guidance and has
sustainable values at its core’, says Nitya.

‘With new takes on iconic destinations and 50 fresh ideas across five categories, we’re confident Best in Travel opens up a year of incredible adventures.’

For those keen to explore beyond Kangaroo Island, the list is sprinkled with both popular destinations, like Japan and Mexico, and lesser-known beauties like Uzbekistan and Ikaria in Greece. Also, if you’re looking for a mix of leisure and environmental conservation, the Southern Lakes and Central Otago regions of New Zealand beckon with their lush cycling routes, cultural richness, and delectable cuisines.

For those wondering about the Best in Travel destinations selection process, it’s a well-thought-out process with nominations from a global community of staff, contributors, and travel experts. Each destination is chosen, keeping in mind its unique experiences, ‘wow’ factor, and commitment to sustainability, community, and diversity.

So, as you plan your 2024 escapades, remember to pop by your nearest bookstore and grab Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2024.

‘Get there before the rest of the world works it out’, says Chris. ‘2024 is the year to pop KI on your travel list!’

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2024 – Complete List


1. Mongolia
2. India
3. Morocco
4. Chile
5. Benin
6. Mexico
7. Uzbekistan
8. Pakistan
9. Croatia
10. St Lucia


1. Western Balkans’, Trans Dinarica Cycling Route
2. Kangaroo Island, South Australia
3. Tuscany, Italy
4. Donegal, Ireland
5. País Vasco, Spain
6. Southern Thailand
7. Swahili Coast, Tanzania
8. Montana, USA
9. Saafelden, Leogang, Austria
10. Far North Scotland


1. Nairobi, Kenya
2. Paris, France
3. Montreal, Canada
4. Mostar, Bosnia
5. Philadelphia, USA
6. Manaus, Bosnia
7. Jakarta, Indonesia
8. Prague, The Czech Republic
9. Izmir, Turkey
10. Kansas City, Missosuri


1. Spain
2. Patagonia, Argentina & Chile
3. Greenland
4. Wales’ Trails
5. The Portugese Way / Camino Português de Santiago
6. Palau
7. Hokkaido, Japan
8. Ecuador
9. Baltic Trails of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
10. Eco-lodges in South Africa


1. The Midwest, USA
2. Poland
3. Nicaragua
4. Danube Limes, Romania
5. Normandy, France
6. Egypt
7. Ikaria, Greece
8. Algeria
9. Southern Lakes & Central Otago, New Zealand
10. Night trains, Europe

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