SA family launch charcuterie cones to level up your grazing platter game

Adelaide’s grazing platter scene now has a new addition thanks to local family business Luxurious Grazing: charcuterie cones.

South Australia’s grazing platter game has leveled up! 

In addition to beautiful tables and boxes, Adelaide’s grazing platter scene now has a new addition thanks to local family business Luxurious Grazing: charcuterie cones!

Trot Park native and Luxurious Grazing business owner Teresa Rowe recently announced the new foodie format as a convenient way to avoid mess and socially distance at your next event. 

“They’re handful-sized, so they’re no fuss and easy to hold, and with COVID, it’s an easier option having individual items for socially distanced catering,” Rowe says. 

“And this way, you can have a charcuterie cone in one hand and a glass of wine in the other!”

Rowe thought of the idea after realising interstate companies had introduced charcuterie cones but didn’t know of any SA companies that were offering them. Luxurious Grazing’s version has easy-to-eat skewers with salami, pistachio-rolled cheese, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, mixed berry crackers, and garden-grown edible flowers for beauty. 

Rowe, who is often helped by her two small children and husband, began Luxurious Grazing just about a year ago after a lifetime of catering for friends and family. 

“Growing up in a Mediterranean family, I’ve always loved cooking Lebanese food and have had a passion of catering for friends and family, so I put it all together to start my business,” she says.

In addition to charcuterie palettes, the Trot Park-based company creates massive grazing table spreads, takeaway boxes for picnics, and charcuterie boats. In addition to your usual locally-sourced cheeses and meats, Rowe’s displays also have hot foods––such as mini sliders, quiches, Arancini balls, spinach cob loaf; sweets––cupcakes, brownies, glazed donuts, and chocolate-covered strawberries; and her signature “watermelon stack” fruit salad with passionfruit drizzle. 

Rowe seeks to put a “luxurious touch” on each spread, setting up the tables with greenery and props. Each order is customisable, and prices vary.

“I want to provide not only quality service, but also affordable package deals and convenient offerings to my customers,” Rowe says.

The business owner says her new charcuterie cones can help accomplish that.

“They’re convenient, no fuss, and COVID safe.”

To find out more about Luxurious Grazing’s offerings and charcuterie cones, follow them on Instagram here, and Facebook here

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