SA fashion designers and big SA names unite for World AIDS Day!

Project Red Ribbon will see an Impressive line‐up of SA fashion designers and big SA names will team up to design a red ribbon dress
for World AIDS Day tomorrow (AKA wear a Red Ribbon Day) under a 1 hour pressure test!

Who are SA fashion designers and big SA names?

Liza Emanuele (Liza Emanuele), Emma Hack (Emma Hack Artist), Lisa McAskill (Postcards ), Greta Rumsby (GretaKate), Jaimie Sortino
(Jaimie Sortino), Maz Compton (Nova), Rebecca McClure (Fresh FM), Danielle Symes (Penny Anne), Jamie Lee (Pride Model & Suede
Online), Andy Mac (PORCELAIN), Damian Porcaro (PORCELAIN), Filip Odzak (fashion stylist), Daniel Iachini (Beauty & the Geek), Paul Wood (MKR), Mel Greig (Amazing Race & Mix 102.3) Paul Vasileff (Paolo Sebastian).

These well known SA identities will convene in Rundle Mall on Thursday, 1 December 2011 at Stephens Place ‐ in World AIDS Day (wear a Red Ribbon) tent, Rundle Mall, Adelaide from 12‐1pm. They will receive loads of red ribbon and red fabric, then in teams of three or four they will produce a red ribbon dress in front of Rundle Mall spectators!

World AIDS Day ‐ reminds us HIV can affect ANYONE regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, age, or sexual orientation.

Nearing the eve of World AIDS Day 2011, the AIDS Council of SA (ACSA) hopes Project Red Ribbon will shine light on the need to be more effective and a greater dissemination of information to all South Australians on safer sex practices and the importance of getting regularly tested for HIV and other STIs!

Fashion Designer Liza Emanuele said “There was so much awareness about AIDS and HIV when I was growing up. It is crucial to keep up with educating new and future generations. Fashion has always supported AIDS awareness. As a South Australian designer, it is fabulous to be involved with a fun and innovative event”.

Mix 102.3 radio host and Amazing Race contestant Mel Gieg said “When some people hear AIDS and HIV they think it's a dirty and disgusting disease that has been contracted a certain way . . Not true, let's become more compassionate and aware of the disease.”

Artist Emma Hack said “I was shocked recently when chatting to a friend in her 20s about casual sex, I asked if she used a condom at which she replied no and that AIDS was something only in the gay community. It is really sad the message that was given to me in the 80s hasn't been passed onto those now. Straight people can contract it as well, don't be stupid, wear a condom!”

Fashion Stylist Filip Odzak said "I believe there is a whole new generation which lacks the awareness that we were so unsubtly brought up
on. AIDS and HIV is out there and just as prevalent as any other ailment, the fact is, it’s a much more private disease, that’s why we aren’t
seeing it, but it’s there."

Porcelain fashion designer Damian Porcaro said "Porcelain is supporting the Red Ribbon Appeal because it is such a worthy cause and a great opportunity to spread the word of awareness out into the wider community"

Project Red Ribbon will help educate the public that while there is no vaccine or cure for HIV, the good news is that the transmission of HIV is preventable. By being informed about how HIV is transmitted and how to protect ourselves and others, we can enjoy life with safer sex and prevent the spread of HIV.

Show your support for Project Red Ribbon by adding the red ribbon avatar to your Twitter and/or Facebook profile image here:

Photo: Liza Emanuele. Image by

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