SA Gourmet Crackers – Taking A Bite Out Of Increasing Prices

Gloomy predictions about retail aren’t slowing down the vision of SA gourmet cracker makers Tucker’s Natural. In fact, they’re going one step further and selling their product ‘below’ recommended retail prices and surprisingly, they’re not compromising on quality.

The makers of Tucker’s Natural Multifibre Snacks have geared up with new equipment and a customised production system to meet demand for their healthy snack, and that new production capacity has opened a door for a deal normally only available to multinationals.

Coles will be offering Tucker’s Natural Multifibre Snacks for $1.99 per pack instead of the usual $3.99 RRP during the promotion, starting on September 12.

Tucker Natural, Food Service Solution, Sam Tucker says it’s a deal the company simply could not have done previously.

“We’ve partnered with Coles for a special one week national half price promotion for the range, just in time for the high snack demand season that occurs around the footy finals,”

“This is a massive opportunity for our brand, and we want to generate better awareness of the quality and nutritional benefits of the Multifibre Snack range and we are grateful for both the opportunity and support offered by Coles to do this” says Tucker.

Tucker’s Natural Multifibre snacks are lower in sodium than many snack foods, plus they are low fat, contain no yeast or preservatives and deliver up to 16% of the recommended daily fibre intake in a 16g serve. These benefits have seen the range gain popularity amongst health-conscious consumers for entertaining and for office and school lunches.

“Our customers have responded really well to the range,” says Tucker.

“Our Facebook page is constantly receiving great messages from customers who have substituted Multifibre Snacks for traditional high fat, high salt snacks and want to share with us how this has helped them lose weight and feel better but still feel like they are having a treat.”

So strongly has Coles identified with the health benefits of the range, that Tucker’s Natural Multifibre Snacks are now in the health food aisle instead of with other snack products.

The promotional partnership is part of a repositioning on the part of Coles to improve their relationships with local and Australian suppliers with the goal of working together to grow brands and sales.


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