SA Health urge those impacted by IceArena Carbon Monoxide incident to seek medical help

Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) crews have been on site at the arena overnight and this morning. The incident is continuing to be managed.

SA Health have released a statement advising individuals still suffering from symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure after attending the Ice Arena last evening to get medical help. This advice comes after 16 individuals sought treatment at the Royal Adelaide Hospital early this morning following their visit to the ice skating venue in Thebarton.

The majority of these individuals are under observation, with some needing oxygen treatment. All are stable and anticipated to recover fully.

Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) teams have been present at the site throughout the night and into the morning as the situation is being handled.

Typically, the impact of carbon monoxide diminishes when exposure ceases, yet some attendees from yesterday might still feel unwell.

Carbon monoxide exposure symptoms range from headaches and fatigue to nausea and, in severe cases, difficulty breathing.

Certain groups, including young children, pregnant individuals, the elderly, and those with chronic heart or lung conditions, face a higher risk from carbon monoxide. Pregnant women and very young children are urged to consult a doctor today, even if they show no symptoms.

According to Chief Public Health Officer, Professor Nicola Spurrier, those still showing symptoms today should seek medical advice immediately, emphasizing the importance of checks for pregnant women and infants irrespective of symptoms.

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