SA icon Kytons Bakery celebrates award-winning lamingtons this long weekend

Celebrate the good things about being Australian with Adelaide icon Kytons Bakery and their award-winning lamingtons.

As South Aussies look forward to the first long weekend of 2024, there’s the sweet scent of tradition and local pride in the air, thanks to the Adelaide icon Kytons Bakery, which has been serving up all the bakery treats your heart desires for over 85 years.

This summer, the owners of Kytons, Sharon and Darren Sutton, along with their team, are celebrating that world-renowned Aussie spirit and encouraging everyone to ‘Celebrate all the good things about being Australian’, in particular, the sweet, fluffy delight of the Aussie lamington.

Now, you might be a fan of the traditional chocolate lamington, with its light and fluffy centre, but Kytons invite you to be adventurous and try their whole award-winning range, which includes the Traditional, of course, but also Coffee, Raspberry, Mini Lamingtons and Native Lemon Myrtle—all of which are considered the bakery’s pride and joy.

‘Our pursuit of quality means we use the best ingredients, follow traditional recipes and take great care in our baking’, says Sharon. ‘We always select premium quality ingredients and source them from right here in Australia as much as possible—knowing that you would do the same if you were baking for yourself at home.’

This dedication to excellence is why Kytons lamingtons are a staple in the fridge section of your local supermarket’s bakery department and a must-have treat for the kid’s lunch boxes (they freeze perfectly!) or to enjoy at home with a cuppa this season and throughout the year.

But besides being a true blue Aussie delicacy and invented here in the early 1800s, Kytons are determined to spread the word to the world that whilst there may be replicas out there, you’ll only find the best lamingtons in the land Down Under.

According to Sharon and Darren, who have been the proud owners of Kytons since 2003, the two ingredients necessary to make a quality and authentic lamington are a good egg sponge and authentic chocolate. It’s their signature recipe and the sweetly satisfying taste that make Kytons lamingtons a hit across school and community group fundraisers, corporate gigs and various food service events.

From starting off as a small family business to being stocked in supermarkets and various stores across South Australia, the Kytons team are proud of all they’ve accomplished and the accolades they have received—and deservingly so.

Kytons was recently awarded the Consumer Award at the South Australian Premier’s Food and Beverage Awards, an award decided by the public, and has been awarded ‘Australia’s Best Lamington’ twice at the National Baking Awards.

Now, with over 200 stockists across SA, including Drakes, Foodland, IGAs, Woolworths, and various gourmet fruit and veg stores, plus a range of valued wholesalers, online, and their retail space in Edwardstown (open from the 25th of January but closed on the 26th), there’s always a place to stock up on SA’s favourite lamingtons and no reason to go without.

‘Everything is baked on-site in Edwardstown, and we love to see people come by, taking time out of their day to stop for a quick lunch or grab some treats to take home to the family.’

Kytons Bakery stands out as a South Australian institution and is recognised for its dedication to quality, tradition and true Aussie community spirit. This upcoming long weekend, celebrate all the good things about being Australian with your friends and family and a stash of delicious Kytons lamingtons—buying local and supporting local is, after all, the Aussie way.

What: Kytons Bakery.
Where: 15 Lindsay Ave, Edwardstown, SA 5039—reopens on January 25th.
To purchase or find your nearest stockist, click here.

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