SA Police issue update on incident with armed youths at Westfield Marion

Two groups of young males armed with weapons clashed in Westfield Marion’s food court, prompting a lockdown and a major police response. Authorities are urging witnesses to come forward as investigations continue.

UPDATE: Two teenagers arrested over incident at Westfield Marion Shopping Centre

Police are currently investigating an altercation involving two groups of young males at Westfield Marion Shopping Centre, which occurred shortly before 3pm on Sunday, 23 June. Reports indicated that some individuals were armed with weapons, prompting concern and rapid response from local authorities.

In response to the outbreak of violence in the food court area, centre management swiftly activated an audible alert as well as an evacuation alarm, leading the entire centre into a compulsory lockdown. This immediate action was essential to ensure the safety of all patrons and staff present at the site.

The South Australia Police, including the special tactics and rescue (STAR) Group officers, were promptly deployed to the scene. Their primary task was to secure the area and search for those involved in the disturbance. The comprehensive operation extended to all areas of the shopping centre, including the rooftops, although officials did not locate the groups responsible for the initial altercation.

During the lockdown, several shoppers who sought refuge within the shops were safely escorted out by the police, ensuring no civilians were harmed. Following a thorough assessment of the site, the police declared the centre secure and confirmed that there is no continuing threat to the public at this time.

Assistant Commissioner Scott Duval communicated to the media the ongoing efforts of the police to investigate the incident. He underlined the commitment of the police force to identify and apprehend those involved in the incident. Duval stated, “Our officers responded promptly to ensure the safety of all individuals within the centre. We are continuing our efforts to identify those responsible for this disruption and will take appropriate action.”

Police urge anyone who might have information related to this event to come forward to assist with the investigation. Witnesses or individuals with any knowledge about the groups involved are encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers. Communications can be made anonymously through their website at or by phone at 1800 333 000.

The investigation is active, and law enforcement remains dedicated to maintaining safety and order at the shopping centre and the surrounding community. Further updates are expected as the inquiry progresses.

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