June 2022

SA Premier prepares for his sixth Vinnies CEO sleepout event this Winter

The Vinnies CEO Sleepout will see 100 business leaders head to the streets for one night to raise funds and awareness for homelessness in the country.

The annual Vinnie’s CEO sleepout is back with some of South Australia’s top business leaders taking to the streets for a night to raise awareness of the ongoing homelessness crisis.

Taking place across the country, the one-night event is held each year during Winter, with the date specifically chosen to coincide with the longest and coldest nights of the year. CEOs and acclaimed workers from some of Australia’s top companies will spend the night sleeping outdoors to experience what life is like for tens of thousands of people in the country.

Last year, South Australia raised over $900k, breaking the record for the most amount of money raised for the sleep out, with all proceeds helping to fund new initiatives to support the homeless while also continuing to fund existing services such as food vans and access to emergency services and accommodation.

Image: @pmalinauskasmp

South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas is preparing for his sixth Vinnies CEO Sleepout. “It’s always a good event,” he says.

“It’s daunting at the beginning of the night, but when you wake up in the morning and you’ve raised a few quid, it’s worth it.”

He’ll be sleeping alongside close to 100 others including CEO of the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, Jon Whelan, Bill Ktisti of Rossdale Homes and Viktor Jakupec of ALDI.

Cosying up out the front of the South Australia Museum on North Terrace, you can show your support by donating to your chosen CEO or team or, if you’re game, you can nominate yourself or your boss to get involved.

With the impact of Covid-19 and natural disasters across the country, the demand for Vinnies services has been consistently increasing nationwide with many people requiring help from the organisation for the first time.

The Vinnies CEO Sleepout will take place on Thursday June 23rd from 6pm.

Registrations and donations can be made at the Vinnie CEO Sleepout website.

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