SA Profile: Sarah Lloyde

Sarah Lloyde is one of Adelaide’s hottest new singers right now.

photo-32Sarah Lloyde is one of Adelaide’s hottest new singers right now. At the age of only 24 she already has several achievements under her belt. Our stunning gem who comes from the west of Adelaide made her first big television appearance earlier this year, auditioning for channel 9’s hit series The Voice. Sarah participated in the “blind auditions” where judges had their backs to the stage and accepted auditions based solely on how the singer sounded.

Sarah’s audition song was The Voice Within by Christina Aguilera. Although Delta Goodrem was the only judge to turn around and give Sarah the opportunity to go through to the next round, Sarah seemed to blow the minds of all four judges. This was evident when the other three judges expressed their disappointment that they hadn’t turned around as well. Seal commented, “Sarah, I just feel so unfortunate at the moment cause I feel like I’ve just lost something. That’s a potential winner right there.”

Sarah was selected to be in Delta’s top 24; however, she didn’t make it further than the second round as she was knocked out in the battle auditions where she competed against Danni Da Ros, singing Hero by Mariah Carey.553590_10151407799195312_302139565_n

Sarah admits that being voted off after the second round was hard but she has definitely bounced back from it. “The exposure was absolutely amazing. It was also really good to work with some of the other singers and especially with Delta and Darren Hayes. I feel like I learnt a lot, even though it was hard to be kicked off.” Sarah says that her experience on The Voice has given her lots of material to help fuel her upcoming album that is due to be released mid to late next year. The album reflects her pop combined with 50s Rock ‘N Roll style including catchy musical hooks and some Etta James and Amy Winehouse inspired songs.

In addition to Sarah’s singing talent, she can also play the piano and she writes her own songs. When discussing her upcoming album, Sarah said “the songs are definitely soul songs, so it’s a lot about my whole life. My schooling experiences, heart ache, love. I definitely write from my own experiences. That’s the only way that I can write. It’s sort of like therapy for me. So it’s all from my heart.”21467_10151407801555312_1625973468_n

Sarah confesses that she has been singing for as long as she has been able to talk. “I was singing every nursery rhyme as a child and I did as much music as I could during school. As soon as I left school and was old enough to sing in pubs I’ve being doing as many gigs as I can and I’ve been writing my own songs since I was about 14.” Even though it may sound like Sarah has been living the dream she, like many other Australian children and teenagers has been the victim of bullying. Sarah was teased because people thought she was different because she could sing. The pain has not brought Sarah down, if anything it has proven her to be resistant.

With all of this behind her, Sarah has now accomplished a respected name in the industry and collaborated with some big names such as Josh Hartnett (actor from the film Pearl Harbor), Cheyne Coates (Madison Avenue), and Ritchie Neville (former 5ive boy band singer). Sarah and Ritchie have written songs together and are continuing work together on Sarah’s current album.

The future for Sarah is looking bright and we look forward to following her on her journey through music. “I think I’ll always be based in Adelaide, just because I’m a girl for my hometown so I love it. I’ll always come back but I’d definitely love to travel and work with big names interstate and internationally. I’d also love to tour as well. My main goal at the moment is to get this album released and hopefully tour overseas and within Australia. I’ll exhaust every possibility that I can and every opportunity until I can get it done” she says

“If you’re so certain that music is what you want to do. I think you don’t really have any choice but to follow it.” Sarah’s drive, talent and lifelong love of music promise to take her to great heights in her singing career.

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