SA Records Another Day With No New COVID-19 Cases

It’s another day with no new COVID-19 cases for South Australia.

South Australia has recorded another day with no new cases of COVID-19, with only one active case remaining in the state.

Currently, 440 cases have been reported in South Australia, with 435 people cleared of the virus.

SA Pathology has undertaken more than 104,000 tests for COVID-19 so far.

SA Health is urging South Australians to practice good hygiene, keep 1.5 metres distance from others and stay at home if you are unwell.

People experiencing any of the following should be tested for COVID-19:

  • Fever or chills (in the absence of an alternative illness that explains these symptoms)
  • An acute respiratory infection e.g. symptoms of cough, sore throat, runny nose, or shortness ofbreath
  • Loss of smell or the alteration in the sense of tasteStep 1 of the SA roadmap for easing COVID-19 restrictions is underway.

Click here to view the roadmap and Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information the general public should call SA COVID-19 Information Line on 1800 253 787 or click here.

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