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SA to go into lockdown for six days

As goes the expert health advice, South Australia will pause for six days, and a series of wide ranging restrictions will be implemented.


South Australia will go into a six day lockdown as of midnight tonight, November 18.

“We have world leading health experts and world leading heath systems to help keep South Australia safe and strong,” said Premier Steven Marshall.

“We need a circuit breaker to stay ahead of this … we need breathing space for a contact tracing blitz.”

As goes the expert health advice, South Australia will pause for six days, and a series of wide ranging restrictions will be implemented.

The Premier stated the Parafield Cluster has been caught early, and the links to this cluster have been found.

Additional contact tracing support will be provided to South Australia from the commonwealth, Western Australia, and New South Wales.

“There is no second chance to stop a second wave,” said the Premier.

“We are at a critical point but we will get through this … South Australians are strong, resilient, and united.”

South Australians will be required to remain at home for six days, with a number of restrictions to be implemented. Eight days of restrictions will follow the six day lockdown.

Masks will be required when leaving the house, and exercise will not be permitted outside of the home. One person per household, once a day, will be able to leave to get groceries

The below restrictions are not yet complete, with SA Police and SA Health working to consolidate this list:

  • All schools except for children of essential workers and vulnerable people
  • All takeaway
  • Universities
  • Pubs, cafes, coffee shops
  • Elective surgeries
  • Open inspections and auctions
  • All outdoor sport and physical activity
  • FIFO workers will be on standstill
  • Regional travel not approved
  • Aged care and disability services will be locked down
  • Factories will be locked down
  • Construction industry closed
  • Holiday homes, not available for lease
  • Weddings/funerals banned
  • Outdoor sport not permitted
  • Masks required in all areas outside the home

The following will remain open for the six day lockdown:

  • Water, power, telecommunications
  • Supermarkets
  • Medical, including mental health
  • Public transport
  • Airport and freight services
  • Petrol stations
  • Financial institutions, post offices
  • Mining, smelters, factories to prevent damage to plant
  • Childcare for essential workers
  • Vets
  • Minimal local government
  • Agriculture can move about
  • End of life visits available

COVID-19 Case Update:

Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier has confirmed SA has two new COVID-19 cases, both linked to the Parafield Cluster.

Most importantly, all 22 cases to date have been linked to the cluster.

Professor Spurrier reiterated the importance of anyone who visited or received delivery from Woodville Pizza Bar between the 6 and 16 of November to self-isolate and seek testing immediately.

Professor Spurrier also stated this strain has certain characteristics. When someone has been exposed, it takes less than 24 hours for that person to become infectious.

More to come.

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