SA Writer’s ANZAC Pride

Lane Hinchcliffe with his co-producers – Nick & Carina and The Governor of South Australia

Lane Hinchcliffe with his co-producers – Nick & Carina and The Governor of South Australia

South Australian writer, Lane Hinchcliffe, will be attending the ANZAC Day Dawn Service tomorrow morning, (6:15am on North Terrace) with a renewed sense of pride. One of the songs from his New Musical, THE FRONT, has been selected by Veterans SA to open the proceedings.

Lane is a regular at ANZAC Day services having marched alongside his grandfather, a veteran of World War II, and paying respects to the memory of his Great Great Uncle, one of the first ANZAC Diggers in World War I.

The song that has been chosen is THE SOMME. The song reflects the horror and fear experienced by so many brave young men as they waited for the command to climb over the sandbags and into the Battle of Fromelles, on the banks of The Somme, a battle which witnessed 5,353 Australian casualties in the first hour and contributed to the awful total of over 60,000 Australian deaths during the War.

Lane explains, “My inspiration was borne out of my early awareness of the War and the sense of intense grief I experienced when I discovered just how many young men, and women, died in this particular conflict. I felt compelled to use my talent to tell the story”. The story was further inspired by the writings of Diggers and Nurses in their diaries. There are currently over 900 First World War diaries being digitalised by the NSW State Library.

The FRONT is due to be launched as a musical in time for the Centenary Commemorations of ANZAC and the First World War and the producers are also preparing educational support packages for schools throughout Australia.

You can see the ANZAC Video by going to

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