SAFM Giant FruChocs Single and Fabulous Party

If you are single and fabulous, chances are you were at the SAFM Giant FruChocs Single and Fabulous Party last Friday at the Glenelg Pier Hotel.

Hosted by the SAFM breakfast crew Hayley, Craig and Rabbit, the party was not only a chance for young singles to find love, but the launch of the Giant FruChocs Naked Calendar!

Held at the Glenelg Pier Sol Bar, the cheeky party went off with a bang; even if they may have underestimated the number of bar staff needed for a singles party where a bit of ‘liquid courage’ is everything.

Singles wanting to attend had to be willing to strip down for the Giant FruChocs Naked Calendar, so as you can imagine, the party was in no lack of confident and attractive people.

If the life sized naked photos of good-looking young people greeting you at the Sol Bar wasn't enough to tell you this wasn’t a party for the faint hearted, the naked painted FruChocs girls probably helped you to get the idea.

It was clear that many partygoers were determined not to leave without a few new numbers in their phones.

Lucky the retro-photo booth worked as a good icebreaker, even if some people did get a little too carried away whilst inside.

The highlight of the night was the performance by the 2010 Australia's Got Talent winners Justice Dance Crew.

Justice Dance Crew proceeded to intimidate every single male in the bar with their amazing dance moves.

If that wasn’t enough, the males were then slightly ignored as the girls lined up for photos with the Justice Crew boys.

However, they weren’t deterred for long.

By the end of the night everyone staggered home a little worse for wear which is always the sign of a good party.

If the singles didn’t leave the party with a new found love, they can be comforted by the fact that they at least left with a bag full of FruChocs!

Really, what more could you want?

Listen to Hayley, Craig and Rabbit from 6-9am weekdays on SAFM.

For some delicious FruChocs, visit their Facebook.

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