Saint & Scholar hit the road to discover SA’s hidden gems

In response to recent the Cudlee Creek fire smoke taint to their vineyard, and a lack of awareness for the region, Saint & Scholar have gone on a road trip, & filmed a mini-series!

Long time winemaking duo, Stephen Dew (the Saint) and Reid Bosward (the Scholar), from Barossa based Kaesler fame, recently embarked on an Adelaide Hills winemaking venture, which resulted in the creation of Saint & Scholar.

Excited by the rare single vineyard, the two winemakers, together with Head Viticulturalist Nigel van der Zande, began rebuilding what they believed to be an exceptional single vineyard.

The winery had released only two vintages when the Cudlee Creek fire occurred, rendering the 2020 vintage unsaleable.

“We were incredibly fortunate to avoid any physical fire damage to our vineyard. Unfortunately many of our neighbours were not so lucky,’ Says Reid Bosward, (the Scholar) Winemaker.

“We don’t have a 2020 vintage to sell because of smoke taint, and given we are a relatively young brand this could be detrimental. So we had to decide to go big or go home. We chose big.”

The Saint & Scholar vineyard is located in the Adelaide Hills, in the quaint township of Gumeracha, which is often referred to as the ‘hidden gem’ of this stunning South Australian wine region.

With a small but growing number tourist attractions in Gumeracha (northern end of the Hills), the region sees smaller tourist numbers compared to the southern end of the Hills.

To combat this, and as part of their ‘go big’ mentality, Saint & Scholar recently embarked on a South Australian road trip to build awareness for this region and discover other ‘hidden gems’ in regional SA.

In November 2020, over two weeks, the duo travelled across the great state of South Australia to build awareness for the small and developing region of Gumeracha, shine a light on the Saint & Scholar single vineyard and showcase some unknown regional attractions that have been hard hit by
the extraordinary events of 2020.

The road trip took them oyster farming in Coffin Bay, deep in Alligator Gorge in Melrose, mountain biking in Robe, dune buggying on Kangaroo Island – and much, much more.

The passionate duo filmed their adventures, creating an mini-series which will be shared across social media in 2021.

Each episode highlights the events of a single day on the road trip and includes the usual banter and frivolity that comes with the Saint and the Scholar!

A total of eleven episodes have been created. The first of the two/three-minute episodes launches Thursday 21st January at 12 noon across the Saint & Scholar social sites.

For the following nine weeks Saint & Scholar will be releasing videos each Thursday at 12 noon, via social media platforms with the final episode releasing live at the Lion Hotel in a wrap party Thursday March 25th 2021 5pm – 7pm.

Consumer are invited to attend the final wrap party and details for this will be made available in the coming weeks.

You can view the mini ad here https://youtu.be/k2f05Ttd-aY

Saint & Scholar is located at 15 Onkaparinga Valley Rd Verdun, SA, Australia 5245

Visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/saintandscholar

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