Salvation Army ‘Donut Day’

WE WANT YOU!!!! To make donuts for the Salvation Army that is!

The concept of the donut dates back to World War 1, when the Salvation Army sent 11 officers to France as chaplains.

Only having access to flour, sugar, lard, baking powder, cinnamon, and canned milk, but wanting to provide the soldiers with home cooking, the Salvation Army came up with the idea of making donuts.

The smell drew in soldiers galore and they lined up patiently in the rain, waiting for a taste, and subsequently, word went around about these donuts.

So they say if you’re hungry and broke, you can always get something to eat at The Salvation Army – a donut. The donut thus became a great symbol of The Salvation Army and their service to the homeless and those in need.

Previous years have seen the Donut Day challenge held here in South Australia, but we predict it to be bigger and better this year!

As MC of the event, Paul Curran will place competitors in teams who will compete against each other to create the most creative, amazing, unique donut ever. Simple really.

We are anticipating a great show of support for this event with media, and local personalities all putting it on the line for the donut! The event precedes the Salvation Army Red Shield appeal doorknock which will be held on the 28th – 29th May.

‘Donut Day’ is being held at Rundle Mall under the canopy on Wednesday, 25 May at 12 noon.

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