Samantha Jade to headline Marys Poppin and Adelaide Pride’s “Poppin Out” street party

Discover Adelaide’s spirited Pride March and the iconic Poppin Out street party, featuring Samantha Jade and Nikki Webster. Celebrate LGBTQIA+ culture with music, performances, and community unity on November 2, 2024. Join the festivities for a historic celebration of diversity and inclusion.

Photo Credit: Samuel Grave

Pull on your glamour boots and cover yourself in rainbows peeps! Adelaide Pride has just announced they’re teaming up with the gloriously queer venue, Marys Poppin for POPPIN OUT!

Adelaide’s colourful Pride community is set to dazzle again with the annual Pride March’s after-party in Synagogue Place.

Poppin Out is serving up the pop acts in cocktail buckets, scoring the vocal prowess of pop icon Samantha Jade, as well as our Olympic singing dynamo Nikki Webster and queer music legend, Brendan Mclean.

There ain’t no queer festival without a stunning Drag Diva sashaying upon a stage, and this year they have three outstanding performers – Kane Enable, Art Simon and Kween Kong (still slaying after starring in RuPaul’s Drag Race).

Want some beats to keep you on your feet? You’re guaranteed it with this DJ line-up: Remember House DJ Set, DJ Argonaut, and DJ Dan Murphy, and it’s all happening upon the doorstep of Mary’s Poppin.

The Poppin Out street party is the dazzling final act of Adelaide’s annual festival of all things LGBTQIA+ on Saturday, 2nd November 2024, starting at 2pm when the fun and fabulous will gather in Rymill Park before setting off on the annual Pride March that will make it’s way to Marys Poppin where the party will truly begin.

Adelaide will burst into life with music as community groups, businesses, performers, and allies weave through the streets to celebrate love and diversity for the Pride March.

You can join the march (everyone is welcome), or cheer the marchers on as they make their way through the streets of Adelaide. Alternatively, you can head straight to the party at Marys Poppin and greet the marchers as they swagger and dance into Synagogue Place.

Reflecting on the Pride march’s evolution and impact, Eric Kuhlmann, Chair of Pride Adelaide, stated,

“As we commemorate 51 years of Pride in Adelaide, our new route through the city’s east side symbolises a vibrant future and a closer connection to our community’s core. Collaborating with Poppin Out allows us to amplify our celebration and further enhance our commitment to inclusivity and acceptance.”

This year’s Pride March invites everyone to embrace their identity boldly and visibly, reflecting the core values of the March and Poppin Out festival. There’ll be something for everyone in the community.

Stephen Craddock, Director of Poppin Out and Owner of Marys Poppin, expressed his enthusiasm about this annual celebration, particularly after a successful introduction during this year’s Adelaide Fringe.

“After the community’s response to Poppin Out during Adelaide Fringe, we are beyond excited to do it all again by partnering with Pride Adelaide for the ultimate celebration of Pride.”

“Pride March invites everyone to defiantly be themselves, to step up and demand visibility for who
they are, the same values we built Poppin Out on”, said Stephen

The collaborations between local businesses and artists underscore the city’s commitment to supporting its LGBTQIA+ community. Supported by the Adelaide Economic Development Agency and the City of Adelaide, the event spins a disco ball’s worth of glimmering light upon Adelaide’s vibrant lifestyles, fostering a welcoming sense of inclusion for all its members an inclusive and welcoming space for all.

From Pride March to Poppin Out Timings:

  • Saturday 2 November 2024
  • Pride March Gather from 2pm in MURLAWIRRAPURKA (Rymill Park)
  • Pride March Commences from 3pm from Rymill Park
  • Poppin Out 3pm till late at Synagogue Place & Marys Poppin

For more information and to book your tickets head to Poppin Out Street Party

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