Sarah Blasko To Embark On ‘The Soloist’ Tour

Sarah Blasko

From the throbbing metropolis of Sydney where she now calls home, Glam had a chat with Sarah Blasko about her upcoming ‘The Soloist’ Australian tour

From the throbbing metropolis of Sydney where she now calls home I managed to have a chat with Sarah Blasko about her upcoming The Soloist Australian tour. I began by asking her how she felt about her early career. ‘I feel proud of it…there’s always things you want to go back and change…I feel proud of what I’ve done…it does feel like a different person…you can admire your former self’. The songstress certainly has a lot to be proud of with 2 ARIA awards plus numerous ARIA nominations under her belt and a string (no pun intended) of performances with Australia’s symphony orchestras.

I asked her whether the latest album Eternal Return (2016) was a record of her finally finding herself, after previous album titles like Emergence (2015) and I Awake (2012). ‘The album is mostly about falling in love…when you find someone that you can really be at home with, someone that doesn’t judge you, you’re in a very safe place’.

The upcoming tour will be Blasko’s first completely solo tour and will incorporate smaller venues up to 1,000 people. She is hoping to evoke feelings of intimacy throughout the tour, ‘It’s lovely to play shows like that where you feel really in touch with the crowd’ ponders Blasko, ‘to bring it back to something really simple, I get a lot out of it…it changes your perspective on the songs and it sort of brings out the story and the character behind the songs’.

I quizzed Blasko as to what we will expect to see on her The Soloist tour and whether it will be a really simple, one instrument program. ‘I’ll probably have a few things with me, some keyboards and guitar and stuff…I’ll mix it up a bit…I’ll be playing some new stuff because I’m in the middle of a new record’.

A new record is due out by the end of 2017 which is something to look forward to for Sarah Blasko fans. Meanwhile there are many opportunities to see her perform around Australia beginning in May, with an Adelaide Town Hall performance scheduled for July 5.

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