Sarah Shanahan Says Goodbye Winter!

It’s time for the old Spring clean! Adelaide’s interiors guru Sarah Shanahan is here to give you some inspiration.

We made it Adelaide, winter has come to an end and Spring is on our doorstep!

For me that means it’s spring cleaning and decluttering time, the perfect way to make you and your home feel lighter and brighter. I love the change of seasons to reassess what we have, what we use and what needs to go.

Here are 5 essential areas that need a bit of Spring cleaning love:
countryroad.com.au1. Bedroom. No more heavy blankets and throws, store them away for next season. Embrace spring and lighten up your bedlinen and accessories.

2. Wardrobe. No more heavy coats, jackets and scarves. Store these away out of sight and you’ll be excited to see them again come Autumn next year!

3. Living Room. Brighten your living/family area with some new on trend cushions and lightweight throws, embrace the lighter, longer days to come.

4. Kitchen. Time to stocktake your kitchen essentials, how many pots, pans, and containers do you really use and need? Donate surplus kitchen ware, you will instantly feel lighter living with less.

5. Pantry. Empty/Clean/Sort/Organise! Spring is the perfect time for a pantry overhaul, visualise how your dream pantry should look and work hard to achieve it.

Fill your car and donate excess immediately and you are on the way to a lighter, healthier and happier Spring!

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For more design inspiration follow Sarah Shanahan online via her Instagram.

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