SA’s Annual Feast Festival is Back To Celebrate “Pridevember”

Feast is back with a brand new event to celebrate Adelaide’s LGBTIQ+ communities.

Feast, South Australia’s annual festival celebrating LGBTIQ+ arts and culture, is set to make a groundbreaking return this year with their exciting new program concept, “Pridevember”.

The festival officially kicks off today, and runs from November 9-24.

This nation-wide first will run throughout the whole month of November, and will both celebrate and reflect on key milestones that the LGBTIQ+ communities have faced over the past few decades.

This exciting festivity will act as a testament to the crucial role that Feast still plays within the local LGBTIQ+ communities. It will also help to build relationships, visibility and trust with the wider Australian community.

Several ambassadors have jumped right on board to champion the project, including internet sensation and star of the hilarious Youtube series ‘Complete Drivel Live’ Christian Hull.

“I’m putting the ‘ass’ in ambassador and I’m coming to party with you as Ringmaster for the FIRST EVER Feast Carnival Party,” Hull says.

Seven-time Women’s National Basketball League champion Natalie Hurst will be playing in the 2019 Basketball Pride Match as a part of the Feast program.

“I’m honoured to be an Ambassador this year,” Hurst says.

“The arts and sport play an important role in people’s lives, so to bring them together and celebrate their importance with the rest of the community is amazing.”

A pair of same-sex attracted flamingoes, who gained world fame in 2014 after adopting an abandoned flamingo egg, will also be headlining the festival.

Feast’s “Pridevember” will kicked off on November 1st with a range of entree events, readying locals for a lively month brimming with music, comedy, cabaret, theatre, and so much more.

This year’s program will showcase the brand new event ‘Carnival’, which is set to be an unforgettable night of queer entertainment featuring a glorious line-up of South Australian artists.

The family-favourite ‘Picnic in the Park’ will also be returning, where attendees can relax in the sun and enjoy live music, local market stalls and food vendors.

For the full events program and further information, see here.

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