SA’s historic rural property and green-thumb haven

Plants, furniture, home decor and more! Serenity Garden Centre is a historic rural property that’s home to a plant-lovers paradise.

Nestled away on an expansive rural property in the hills, is a hidden gem that’s every plant-enthusiasts paradise.

A family run-business, Serenity Garden Centre is a second generation hub of a stunning array of plants, home decor, furniture and much more.

Less than an hour away from the CBD, the Murray Bridge destination sees its customers travel from far and wide to wonder the historic property, and indulge in some beautiful ‘green-thumb’ offerings.

Husband and wife duo Tim and Krystal James are the centre’s second generation of owners, collaborating to bring their customers the best in all things gardening and outdoor.

Serenity Garden Centre is set on a historic property that was an original lime kiln from the 1890’s.

The property and store is built around the heritage buildings that remain, incorporating the new with the old, with updated modern structures also a feature.

These all create a great backdrop to the amazingly large range of plants and greenery the business has to offer – but plants are only the start of the nursery’s offerings.

Huge animal statues, giant buddhas, life-size lions and bears made out of wood and metals are also available for purchase, with a stunning array of homewares and furniture also integrated throughout the property.

“For years now, people have been travelling to visit Serenity as a destination”, owner Krystal James says.

“Lots of people come up from Adelaide and the Hills and we also see loads of people from country areas all over SA”

“It’s just a great experience so I guess that’s what makes people want to come and see it”, Krystal continues.

Each display room and outdoor area tells a story, and there’s a whole team of creatives working on new displays each day. 

With many of their items being imported, you’ll never see the same thing twice, making it a place to visit over and over again.

So if you’re heading out of town, make sure to stop and take a wonder through this beautiful garden centre – but leave the boot empty, as you’re sure to head home fully loaded!

Find Serenity Garden Centre at 201 Mannum Rd, Murray Bridge SA.

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