April 2024

SA’s most viral April Fools’ jokes in 2024

Here’s a list of South Australia’s most viral April Fool’s Day jokes, from new food creations to new recruits.

Image: Never Never for April Fools

April Fools Day is always a cracker, giving big brands, and creative businesses, a great way to share their most far fetched, or craziest concepts, to see if anyone bites.

This year, we had some doozies, so we thought we’d share a round up of some of the best jokes we found and how much attention they got. The first on our list is South Australia’s most viral April Fools Day joke, with the rest worth a mention too.

South Australian Police – 7.1k likes (945 comments/593 shares)

Perhaps the most ‘out there’ April Fools Day Joke of them all, the SA Police shared some very serious information about its new recruits! On Facebook thy posted the following:

“Attention footy fans and mischief-makers, South Australia Police (SAPOL) is unleashing a secret weapon to tackle pitch invaders during this weekend’s Gather Round. A team of retired greyhounds are now trained and ready to streak into action.

“After last week’s pitch invasion during an Adelaide AFL game, SAPOL decided it was time for a change. These retired racing champs have traded the track for the turf, and they’re itching to protect the players.

“Intensive training sessions have them pulling at the leash, eager to patrol the grounds. Look out for the kennels strategically placed pitch-side at every game. These greyhounds mean business!

“What the SAPOL Spokesperson Said: ‘In true racing form, our new recruits have been incredibly fast learners. They’ve aced the ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘paw-five’ commands. Trust me, you’d have to be barking mad to attempt a pitch invasion now!’

“Remember, if you’re thinking of storming the field, think twice—because these greyhounds are ready to chase you down faster than a footy flies off the boot!”

Kytons & Spring Gully Pickle Lamingtons – 473 likes (97 comments /30 shares)

In collaboration with Spring Gulley, Kytons Bakery Australia posted to their Facebook saying:

“We’re SO EXCITED to reveal our brand new pickle lamington, in collaboration with South Australian iconic pickle brand… Spring Gully !

“The Kytons Lamingtons you all know and love with a soft and fluffy sweet mustard pickle flavoured sponge, dipped in decadent chocolate and rolled in coconut. Don’t knock it until you try it… this sweet and savoury flavour combination might be your unexpected new favourite!”

It seems some were actually quite keen on the idea…

Krispy Kreme Corriander Donuts – 2k likes (892 comments/213 shares)

Some would say Kirspy Kreme South Australia took it too far… “Coriander fans… the wait is over. Our Coriander range is now available! Which one are you trying first?”

Farmers Union Iced Coffee & Udder Delights Brie Collaboration 586 likes (129 comments/45 shares)

Farmers Union Iced Coffee & Udder Delights Brie teamed up to promote a product we’re not sure we will ever need…

“It’s a Farmers Union Iced Coffee ® Brie or it’s nothin. We’ve teamed up with South Australia’s favourite iced coffee to bring you the brand new cheese flavour you never knew you needed.”

“Glam up your tea break with our newest cheese to hit the service station shelves.

“This post is in no way shape or from endorsed by reality, inclusive of Facebook or Instagram.”

South Australian Museum – 717 likes (28 comments/35 shares)

The South Australian Museum got a little creative this year! Posting to Facebook: “Caution, slippery when wet!”

“We’ve had a small squid-cident on our front lawns this morning with our resident Giant Squid making a break for it. 🦑💨 Don’t panic and stay tenta-cool as we escort it back to its ink-losure in the depths of the East Wing.

“We’ll back to business as usual from 10am-5pm today for the Easter Monday public holiday.”

Never Never Space Gin – 379 likes (44 comments/13 shares)

Never Never, a South Australian gin distillery, said it has secured an innovation grant to pioneer the first-ever gin distillation in space (I mean ‘wow’ if this ever comes true).

They said that this groundbreaking initiative, orchestrated by the Australian Space Discovery Centre in South Australia, marks a significant leap for the South Australian Space Industry. The primary objective of this endeavour being to delve into the realm of zero gravity’s impact on flavour, particularly concerning the distillation process of spirits. The team not only thought the alcohol experiments could serve pivotal roles in medicine, sanitation, and fuel resources, but they also wanted to create “Mars Vodka” from using ancient water reservoirs on Mars.

Golden North Fried Chicken – 471 likes (51 comments/48 shares)

“Introducing our latest flavour bomb with the creative talents of our friend & Chef extraordinaire Chris Jarmer – Jarmer’s Kitchen.”

“Introducing the ‘Golden North Fried Chicken Surprise’ – it’s chicken… or is it? Stay tuned!”

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