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SA’s oldest candy shop, Hahndorf Sweets, is a sweet piece of history

Founded in the ’70s, Hahndorf Sweets has been serving old-school candies to the customers of the Adelaide Hills town for around 50 years.

Hahndorf Sweets is not only a staple of the famous Germanic tourism hub; It’s also South Australia’s oldest sweet shop. 

Founded in the ’70s, Hahndorf Sweets has been serving the customers of the Adelaide Hills town for around 50 years. The shop is located in one of Hahndorf’s original buildings, which was built in 1854 as a family home. While they have modern candies such as Galaxy bars and PopTarts, as the state’s oldest sweets shop, it’s no surprise that Hahndorf Sweets also sells many of your old-school favourites. 

They have rainbow lollipops, candy milk bottles, Turkish delight, flying saucers, chocolate sultanas, Wicked Fizz products and more. The shop also boasts hand-made fudge, including rich flavours such as Bailey’s Irish Cream.  They also have savoury goods, such as an array of Walkers chip flavours.

Hahndorf Sweets owners Steve and Deb Wilson, who have owned the shop for 15 years, say they have too many great goodies to choose a favourite.

“Our most famous sweet is our Hahndorf Fudge, especially the caramel… but then there are so many more, like our chilli chocolate frogs (guaranteed to warm you up on those winter days) and what we think is the sourest lolly in the world,” Steve says.

The Wilsons, who are South Australia natives, say that after they purchased the shop, it quickly became a part of their kids’ and friends’ lives.

“Our children, along with some of their friends, have worked after school shifts and weekends in the shop. Whilst they have all moved on into their careers, they still talk about their great time here and have some funny stories to tell,” they say.

Similar to how the shop has become a part of the Wilson family, it has become a tradition for many others.

“Hahndorf Sweets is now a tradition for many families, as we often hear our customers say that whenever they visit Hahndorf, this lolly shop is a must-visit on their list of things to do whilst they are here,” Steve says.

If you want quality fudge and sweets, to support a small business, and to explore a piece of history in South Australia’s oldest sweet shop within an iconic Germanic settlement, check out Hahndorf Sweets. 

Find Hahndorf Sweets at 54A Main Street, Hahndorf. 

Find them on Instagram here and Facebook here

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