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SA’s Saudade Portuguese Custard Tarts open third store in Norwood

Saudade Portuguese Custard Tarts has opened in a new venue in Norwood Place filling the centre with the fresh smell of flaky pastry and creamy custard.

If you want to feel like you’re within Portugal’s confines strolling along bustling cafes and bakeries, all you need is that sweet sweet taste of Pastel de Nata… And that’s what you’ll get at Saudade Portuguese Custard Tarts, a family-owned South Australian business, which has recently expanded its footprint with its new Norwood Place store.

Renowned for its delicious Pastel de Nata (Portuguese Custard Tarts), Saudade Portuguese Custard Tarts has become a popular stop for a sweet treat and coffee.

Originating from Portugal, the proprietors of Saudade found themselves longing for the distinctive tastes of their homeland after relocating to Australia.

While “Saudade” has no direct English translation, it represents a deep emotional longing or nostalgia for something or someone that is absent, and that’s what inspired the inception of their new venture in Adelaide. Recognising the widespread admiration for Pastel de Nata, a pastry celebrated globally for its mix of custard and flaky pastry, they decided to introduce it to their adopted country.

Carla Alemao, owner of the Adelaide Central Market store, attests to the emotional resonance of Saudade’s tarts, particularly for those who share her Portuguese heritage. Despite Adelaide’s geographical distance from Portugal, people have embraced the authenticity and craftsmanship seen in every tart since she began her business.

Carla initially founded Saudade in 2017 from her own kitchen. Starting with small batches for a pop-up stall at the Adelaide Central Market, she then expanded to a shopfront in Mitcham in 2018. Following this success, she established a permanent presence at the Adelaide Central Market in 2022.

Those stores, along with the new Norwood location, offer people a firsthand glimpse into the process of tart preparation. From crafting the pastry to filling it with luscious custard, everything is executed on-site.

Saudade takes pride in its commitment to quality, using the finest local ingredients to craft an exclusive rendition of the Pastel de Nata. Their adaptation of the traditional Portuguese recipe has garnered acclaim, with many asserting that they’ve perfected the art of the custard tart.

With the unveiling of the Norwood store, Saudade aims to further share the joy of Pastel de Nata within the local community.

Positioned near Norwood Foodland, the new outlet promises to make it easy for Eastsiders to get their hands on the pastry with a crunchy exterior and creamy interior.

Saudade Portuguese Custard Tarts – Norwood
Where: Norwood Place, Norwood
More info: Click here

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