SA’s Sports Vouchers return in 2024 with expanded program

The program’s expansion in 2024 is a milestone, especially for families involved in Scouts and Girl Guides, who are now eligible to benefit.

In a move to help alleviate the cost of living for families in South Australia, the State Government’s successful $100 Sports Vouchers program has made a return in 2024. After a record-breaking year in 2023, where the program saved SA families close to $9 million, the scheme is now expanding its reach.

This year marks a new chapter for the program as it extends to include Scouts and Girl Guides for the first time. Originating from the former Labor Government, the initiative is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Since its inception, nearly 600,000 vouchers have been redeemed, contributing over $48 million to aid children’s participation in sport and active recreation.

The program’s expansion in 2024 is a milestone, especially for families involved in Scouts and Girl Guides, who are now eligible to benefit. Effective from January 1, 2024, the scheme covers all school-aged children up to Year 9. It has broadened over the years to encompass activities like learn-to-swim and dance classes, with each eligible child entitled to one $100 voucher annually.

In 2023 alone, a record 88,749 vouchers were used across 1,253 providers. The most popular activities included Australian Rules, football (soccer), netball, swimming, and gymnastics.

Katrine Hildyard, MP, Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing, shared her thoughts on the program’s impact: “The Sports Vouchers program empowers young people to be active and involved in sport, providing an opportunity to experience the sense of belonging that sport brings and improve their physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. The program builds stronger, more connected communities, and helps relieve cost-of-living pressures for families.” She also highlighted the inclusivity of the program, noting the addition of Scouts and Guides as a significant step in engaging more families in these positive environments.

“The more that we can help kids get active the better. We know that sporting and community clubs are at the heart of communities across our state. This program is a shining example of families being enabled to engage with those clubs, helping them to experience the many benefits of being involved,” Hildyard added.

Erin Thompson, MP, Member for Davenport, spoke about the local impact: “Our southern clubs are bursting at the seams with kids wanting to embrace sport. And that’s partly thanks to the state government’s $100 sports vouchers making it more affordable for families.” She also acknowledged the significance of including scouts and guides, a change that was eagerly anticipated and advocated for by community groups like the Flagstaff Hill Scouts.

The 2024 Sports Vouchers program promises more accessibility and inclusivity. Families interested in taking advantage of this opportunity can find more information and redeem their vouchers at

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