SATC Wins Mumbrella Social Idea of the Year With @tell_us_where Campaign

The South Australian Tourism Commission’s ‘Tell Us Where’ campaign has won Social Idea of the Year at the Mumbrella Awards.


Photo credit: Sputnik

One of the more beautiful and intriguing and campaigns tourism campaigns we’ve seen in recent times, hails from SA and has just been honoured with an award in this week’s Mumbrella Awards.

Last year, in 2018, our State’s new tourism campaign for South Australia was introduced in a multi-stage roll out, with phase one, @tell_us_where, being the concept hailed at the highly-regarded awards.

It was part of of the South Australian Tourism Commission’s new strategy in partnership with agency TBWA, and saw seven unique and wondrous mysterious locations posted on the @tell_us_where (Instagram).

The account invited consumers to guess the locations to win a trip to that region, which could have been anywhere in the world.

It was eventually revealed that each destination was in our lovely state of South Australia.

The campaign has now won Social Idea of the Year at the Mumbrella Awards.

With close to 10,000 comments, reactions and likes across social media during its two week run, and further traffic after the reveal, visits to went through the roof.

Visits from Australian domestic consumers increased by 30%, and more than 11,000 leads were generated for South Australian tourism operators via the website in the last week of the reveal.

Evidently, the campaign garnered thoroughly positive responses from consumers (and we also very much enjoyed it here at the office).

This initial phase was followed by ‘5 Days of Wonder’, involving five days of continuous video streaming, showcasing all the wonders South Australia has to offer.

Phase three, ‘Rewards Wonder’, continues to promote South Australia as an interesting place, whilst exhibiting the fabulous food and wine the state has to offer.

Overall the campaign had a fantastic kick on effect, and helped boost interstate visitor numbers, +12% year on year, ending December 2018.

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