Savouring Life’s Simple Pleasures at CIBO Espresso

Since their launch in 1999, CIBO Espresso has achieved a lot. Their business ethos, food, and of course coffee, are all driving factors in their success.

Is there a coffee lover in Adelaide who doesn’t recognise the red CIBO logo? Homegrown brand CIBO Espresso have come a long way since the opening of their first Italian-style espresso bar on Rundle Street in December 1999.   

At last night’s CIBO Coffee Culture event, we were given a whirlwind recap on how much the company has achieved since it launched, as well as giving us some insight into their ethos, food, and of course coffee.

We tasted CIBO’s unique coffee flavour and learnt how this flavour profile is built through the blend of multiple influences. Robby, CIBO’s passionate barista, explained that the dominant flavour of this iconic brand is the chocolate flavour of Brazilian beans, Indonesian for an enhanced flavour and a slightly acidic berry tone from Ethiopian and Costa Rican beans.

We learnt that taste differs when aged. Coffee is different every day. The warm vs. cold weather, windows open vs. windows closed, different dosage levels can affect the taste of coffee. Roasted coffee may taste good, but it is not the complete package. Just like fine wine, coffee needs to be aged.

Experimented and tested by the experts at CIBO, the optimal time frame after roasting is 10 days, medium dark roast, which is the perfect combination of strength and flavour. Too dark, it lacks strength. Too light, it lacks flavour. At the end of the day, the aim of CIBO’s blend is to please the palette of the everyday coffee lovers. As for latte art, the experts look for simplicity and neatness, not necessary complexity.  

This iconic brand is committed to consistency, reliability and quality across all CIBO stores. CIBO coffee is not just a grab-and-go. It is more than just a drink. The passionate team at CIBO undergo rigorous barista training to progress, evolve and grow. This includes ongoing research and development, as well as barista competitions within the company to polish their skills.

As South Australians, we are proud that this local homegrown brand is also committed to supporting local SA businesses. This premium coffee blend is exclusive to CIBO and is hand roasted locally here in Adelaide by Tony D’Angelo of D’Angelo coffee. Everything on CIBO’s delightful menu is freshly made daily by locally sourced produce, including produce from the Barossa and Beerenberg.

Having now expanded interstate in multiple coffee-loving cities, we can all acknowledge that CIBO is our local success story. They have come a long way since their humble beginnings in the streets of Adelaide. From pouring their complex, rich and creamy espresso to serving up traditional Italian treats from their pasticceria, our love affair with CIBO continues to leave us fulfilled and satisfied.


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