Savvy Shopping Tips This Winter

Savvy Shopping Tips This Winter

We’ve been lucky enough to speak with Amex Offers Ambassador and editor of BellaMUMMA Nikki Yazxhi about her top tips for savvy style savings tips this winter.


BellaMumma1We’ve been lucky enough to speak with Amex Offers Ambassador and editor of BellaMUMMA Nikki Yazxhi about her top tips for savvy style savings tips this winter. After years of working in the fashion and magazine industry, Nikki knows a thing or two about how to get the luxe for less, and here at Glam Adelaide we love Nikki’s style – think a white classic shirt, denim jacket, leather coat, black pants, boots, and a staple cashmere sweater. We sat down with Nikki to talk about her ambassador role for Amex Offers,  the upcoming sales season, and how the ‘savvy’ personality is instilled in her everyday life.

Here are her top tips for updating your wardrobe without breaking the bank this winter…

  • Ask yourself do you REALLY need this: Before hitting the shops (or shopping online) write out a list of all of the items you ‘need’ to buy this season. This avoids splurges on any unwanted items. Look for that something that ‘wows’, but doesn’t blow the budget out. I’ve also worked out that less is more, and the more you can save (when it comes to fashion), the better your wardrobe will be.
  • Shop trends carefully: Skip the trends and shop selectively on ‘classic’ pieces which will last you a lifetime. Trends come and go, and are usually more expensive because they are ‘of the moment’, so try not to go overboard and overspend in this department.
  • witchery-hamilton-coatLearn when to shop: Wait until deals or vouchers are available at your favourite retailer before making a large purchase on wool coats which carry a hefty price tag – by using smart tactics such as Amex Offers, consumers could save $40 on the (pictured) Witchery coat at David Jones. You don’t necessarily have to spend a ‘bomb’ on your basics, just shop wisely and choose the best quality you can realistically afford.
  • Online vs instore: If you’re like me, you know the brands/labels that individually work well for you. You know the quality, the fit and of course, you love their ‘style’. If you know all of this, skip the crowds and shop for your favourite brands online – this results in a calmer retail experience.
  • Assess before buying: Is this skirt versatile enough to be worn for work and play? My wardrobe transcends from day to night, and I mix and match pieces to make them either casual or dressed up. When your shopping for pieces, think about how many ways you can work them back into your wardrobe. If you keep this in mind there is a better chance you will build a more ‘workable’ wardrobe.

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