Say Hello To Late Night City Dining

Say Hello To Late Night City Dining

Forget the yiros or the sloppy pizza slice, this is late night dining as it should be…


Stop everything. This news is actually amazing. Introducing the Supperclub…

Have you ever been out and about on the town, having some drinks here and there, and suddenly thought that some food would be the perfect end to your night? But then you realise that the only options are a yiros or sloppy slice of pizza? Now, no disrespect to the humble yiros, it certainly has its place, but sometimes you feel like something a little more, how can we put this… upmarket?

Well say hello to the new Supperclub menu at one of Adelaide’s favourite restaurants. The little slice of Europe down Leigh Street, Cos 18 Leigh, is serving up an absolutely cracking menu between the hours of 10pm and 2am on Friday and Saturday nights.

The menu has a little bit of everything from Cheese Boards and Raw and Cured Meats to share, Hand-Cut Steak Tartare and Tonight’s Toastie served with fries. Just to give you an idea, the toastie special for the first week of the menu was a little salt beef, sauerkraut, russian dressing and jarlsberg number… No ordinary toastie!

When you are out and about this festive season and all of the other kitchens in town are closed, you know where to head. P.S. Did we mention that there is also a Portuguese Tart on the menu. Oh yes! The perfectly sweet ending to any weekend night out.

Supperclub 18 Leigh 
18 Leigh Street, Adelaide

Friday and Saturday [10pm – 2am]

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