Say hello to The Golden Cup: Brighton’s newest café with a family focus

Glistening by the shores of Brighton, the new café has a focus on family inclusivity and nourishing all with healthy dishes and wholesome vibes.

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The Golden Cup was born as a late baby for Carla Brion and Nadia Parisi, but it’s the bundle of joy they had always dreamed of.

Glistening by the shores of Brighton, the new café has a focus on being family-friendly and nourishing all who pop by with healthy dishes and wholesome vibes.

It’s a space that Carla says was created to fill your cup, belly and heart, no matter who you are.

“We want it to be welcoming to everyone, but especially people with little people,” Carla said.

With six babies between her and Nadia, the duo know all about the struggles of heading out of home with little bubs. They wanted to create a space that welcomes the chaos of this, but has that calm energy too.

The Golden Cup is the sister business of their first baby The Golden Month. It’s a food delivery and in-home care service for post-natal parents that supports mums and dads all around Australia.

“We do acupuncture, massage, herbal bathing – all sorts of techniques for looking after new mums and supporting them after she’s the baby is born.

“We do lots of family meals to support them and a product range with post-natal products which is how the café came about.”

While the head kitchen for The Golden Month is in Sydney, Carla and Nadia were after a warehouse here in Adelaide to make other food elements of the business. After a lot of searching, an old warehouse with rickety floors caught their attention.

It’s bigger than we needed but such a nice spot so we decided to double utilise the space with a café where we can continue to support our mums,” Carla said.

“It took a little more time and money than we planned to but now the vision has come to life.”

Local barista Raiya McPherson has joined the pair to help run the café, while Carla and Nadia continue to run The Golden Cup and The Golden Month.

“We have a focus on healthy accessible and yummy food,” Carla said.

“It’s all plant based, but that’s not something that we necessary advertise – it just is naturally.

“The food is preservative free and mostly whole foods, and everything is sourced, if we can, from local businesses – we love that community vibe.”

The menu features popular brunch dishes with smashed avo and banana bread, as well as a healthy dose of nourish, poke and goddess bowls, nurturing all who come with high-quality dishes.

Carla says the toasties have been a hit so far with options including mexican beans, cheese and avo, or roasted vegetables with pesto and cheese. There’s a front cabinet with salads and sweet treats and a focus on takeaway for convenience.

“We have a caramel slice that people are travelling all from Adelaide to get,” Carla said.

“You can buy it in a family tray. We also do family meal trays which you can come and collect. It’s all made in-house that they can serve for that night for dinner.”

The Golden Cup uses local grinders De Groot Coffee, and serve these cups of joy with little gold leaves fitting in line with the cafés name.

“We have a kid’s menu, but there’s no chips and nuggets here – think hummus and veggie sticks, and fruit salads,” Carla said.

The café itself is decked out in soft lighting with rattan and natural elements. Starting from a blank canvas, the team renovated the space themselves with the help of family and friends.

There’s lots of early tones, dusty pinks and oranges, and terracotta plants decorating the space. Carla describes it as calm and zen, where families with young children can come without the worry of feeling annoying.

“There’s a nice spot for kids to play – it’s made with that chaos in mind,” Carla said.

“For us we want it to be a really welcoming space. Whether you’re a mum or dad with a little one or meeting a friend, it’s for everyone.

“We’ve got a long bench where you can do some work too.

“We want to have that community and family vibe all while supporting local.”

The Golden Cup is located at 491 Brighton Rd, Brighton SA 5048.

You can connect with The Golden Cup on Facebook and Instagram.

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