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Say Hello To The Wine Stand You Can Fit In Your Handbag

Winestains produces cheese boards, rustic tables, and flat pack stands for your wine glass. The best bit – everything is made out of recycled wine barrels.

It all started with a shed. An ordinary, run of the mill shed harbouring a glorious secret. One afternoon, deep in the heart of the Barossa Valley, Peter Ruchs noticed the discarded wine barrels left out to claim in said shed. On closer examination, Ruchs found the timber of the abandoned barrels was scarred and wine stained and absolutely beautiful. This timber became the driving force for Winestains – unique, handcrafted picnic accessories, made from recycled wine barrels. 

If you’re anything like me (aka clumsy as a baby giraffe), one of the most appealing products available to pre-order is the Travel Picnic Stake. It’s a gorgeous wooden stand for your wine glass (see below). When you’ve finished your glass of shiraz/white wine/G&T, you can dismantle the stand, and PUT IT IN YOUR HANDBAG. Yes. It’s bloody brilliant.

Winestains also stocks a variety of timber cheese boards, small tables, and larger picnic stakes (for multiple wine glasses). You’ll most likely be the envy of each and every one of your Instagram followers when you whack up a post featuring your brand new, wine holding picnic stake.

As well as ingenuity, the company prides itself on sustainable design, with an emphasis on reversing the trend of consumption through producing high quality, lasting pieces, made from recyclable materials. Furthermore, Winestains has a connection with For every piece sold, a tree is planted, helping to reduce the devastating impact of deforestation.

You can find Winestains here.

Please drink responsibly.

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